You Can’t Go Home Again

by tatiana on May 30, 2012

High Desert by Daniel Mundy

It’s only been 2 months since I last went home, but it feels like a lot longer than that. With my trip to Tokyo (which I still need to write about) and how busy I’ve been since I returned, I’ve really been craving some down time. I mostly blame the cold San Francisco “springtime” weather and my desert-girl longing for dry heat and tank tops (and not having to carry a cardigan in my bag) come May. Around this time tomorrow I’ll arrive at my 90 degree hometown. Ahhhh. I can feel the oven-like heat already, and can’t wait to see family (and extended family!). I’m sure I’ll start missing San Francisco at some point, but not as much as I miss home right now… and definitely not when I’m sitting poolside at my sister’s house. (Probably one of two times I’ll wear a bathing suit this year, for the record.) Hope you all have a great weekend, wherever you may be!

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