WIP Wednesday: 09.23.15

by tatiana on September 24, 2015

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Yesterday, two things happened. 1.) I decided to cave in and give The Voice a whirl. I’ve never seen the show but everyone seems to love it, so I figured, why not. I quickly realized that it would take up two hours of my life, so then 2.) I decided to start a knitting project. I haven’t worked on a knit/crochet project since earlier this year. It felt great to pick up those needles again. I’m working on a blanket, which if you know me, blankets have become one of my favorite things to make.

A couple weekends ago while at Ikea, I stumbled upon this really great, thick, striped canvas fabric.

Sofia Fabric | IKEA

The in-store price was $5.99/yd, it was a steal! The quality feels canvas-y and heavy – a lot more expensive than $5.99. I’ve been eyeing this leather Baggu tote for a while and thought that I’d try recreating the shape of that bag with this fabric. I think I’ll also put a couple pockets on the inside and include a zipper at the top if that makes sense. I feel like this would be cute to carry around Paris when I’m there in two weeks, but I’m also wary of pickpockets, hence the zipper.

Lastly, it’s September — almost October! To someone who likes to make handmade gifts, this is crunch time! I have about four handmade Christmas gifts in mind that I want to make this year. One of which is a belated birthday gift that is now a birthday/Christmas hybrid gift. I’m about 40% done with that, which is good news. I have yet to start on the other three. Two of them are cross stitch projects, and if I learned anything from my first and only other cross stitch project, it’ll take way longer to complete than I think, I’m sure. Fingers crossed I get everything done. The two cross stitch pieces I’ll be working on are from this awesome book:

Twisted Stitches | Phil Davison

Are you working on any projects right now? Have some cross stitch tips for this newbie? Let me know!

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Jaime September 24, 2015 at 6:22 pm

I’m forever in love with knitting/crocheting blankets too! So in love, that I just don’t want to stop! As in, I have been “working” on the same two for five years! Agggggh! : )


tatiana September 25, 2015 at 4:10 pm

haha! i have that problem, but with sewing projects.


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