Where have March and April gone?

by tatiana on May 10, 2013

Radio Silence | tatianajimenez.com

Sorry for my radio silence the last two months. I was doing so well with blogging in February and I totally dropped the ball… and for very good reasons!

1.) March was my birthday month, so I was a very busy gal… you know, celebrating life and whatnot. And making my friends (I wish my SoCal friends could have teleported to celebrate as well!) watch my favorite movies from childhood at my themed slumber party, “Welcome to 1993.” We watched Free Willy (well, it was on in the background whilst Jello shots were being consumed), The Babysitter’s Club, Moonwalker, and Jurassic Park. I also made goodie bags, which was probably my favorite part of my birthday slumber party.

Goodie Bags | 1993 Themed Birthday Party | tatianajimenez.com

2.) I moved! My beloved roommate and I parted ways after 3.5 fun years of sharing living quarters (and 2 years prior to that back in college). Needless to say, I miss my roomie, but I am loving living alone, and my new neighborhood. While I don’t have any blog-ready interior photos quite yet, I will share one of the chairs I have my eye on from EQ3 in Oakland. I LOVE EQ3!

Wide Chair | EQ3 | tatianajimenez.com

So now that I am comfortably settled into my new age (29) and my new place, I will be updating more regularly. Or, one would hope. I hope everyone is having a lovely spring, wherever you may be.

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