Thursday Inspiration: Dr. Cathy’s Sage Advice… and Maybe also Her Outfit

by tatiana on February 21, 2013

I typically don’t post “life coach-y” things on my blog (at least I don’t think I do…), but lately I’ve become a fan of Marie Forleo’s YouTube Channel and blog. She’s a savvy (and charming) businesswoman who answers her readers’ questions and often has guests on her program to help give advice.

One of those guests (who is probably my favorite to date) is Dr. Cathy Collaut. 1.) Her advice is totally on point and reminds me a little of a book I read that explains the idea of the “upper limit problem” (although she doesn’t explicitly address this in this video), 2.) while her advice may start to sound a little new age-y from time to time, she uses science to back up her arguments, which I appreciate, and 3.) her outfit is super cute.

So, give it a watch, enjoy, and I hope it inspires you to negotiate with your subconcious. Right now, my subconcious wants to go back to sleep, but hopefully this Earl Grey will convince it otherwise… any minute now…

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