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Cmd + N: What Knitting Has Really Taught Me

by tatiana on September 19, 2012

What I've Learned From Knitting

Above: My latest work in progress

Last Saturday, I had a nice chat over tea and brunch with a good friend that really got me thinking about the discipline of knitting and its relation to lots of other areas of my life.

Let’s start with the basics: when you’re first learning to knit, the first thing your instructor will tell you is that when starting any project, you have to go in knowing that you might have to take it apart at some point and start again. It is this fact (it’s not even advice, it’s just something you need to accept – no room for questions or complaints!) that I think has helped me become not only a more patient person, but a better designer, and ultimately more prepared to take on whatever life has to throw at me.

For the last 6 years I’ve been working towards becoming more confident with developing websites on the back-end. It’s been a lot of fun, but it is still a challenge every time! I’m not sure if it’s this way for everyone, but I think the challenge is part of what makes me hungry for more projects. I crave that mad scientist moment when the perfect piece of code can make a website function exactly the way you’d envisioned. I’ve never given birth, but I imagine the feelings of ecstasy are comparable. ( Or maybe not, whatever!)

With any discipline, there are always times when you need to start over, or spend hours weeding through forums to figure out why that pesky border of flowers in your footer is floating left when it’s supposed to be centered (<– real life example), but ultimately, when you figure it out, it becomes one more thing you know how to do. And that feels pretty good.

Anyway, what’s the point of this entry? Maybe it’s to say that yarn crafts are a lot more important than they seem in the grand scheme of things. Maybe it’s to show that everything is a lot more interrelated than we thought. And maybe it’s just because I had too much espresso today and I feel like blogging what’s on my mind. Who cares. What matters is that you keep doing what you love, and acknowledge that there will be times when things get bumpy. You will have to start over sometimes, but it’ll only lead to you being able to do even cooler things in the future.


A+K Photography Website Design

This snazzy little website is something I’ve been working on with the gorgeous and talented gals from A+K Photography (spoiler alert: they’re my sisters!). Around the end of May they decided that they wanted to move from a Facebook page to a website where they could post blog entries and present their photography in a gallery. They work out of Southern California, and like in any bustling area, I knew that they would have lots of local competition, so I wanted to design an elegant and clean website that would help convey their professionalism, excellent taste and modern edge.

We started with the logo. Initially they explained that they wanted something that they could turn into a stamp to brand their packaging (when they ship photos or cds to their clients). They also wanted their logo to looked vintage yet modern… which is a challenge in itself, so here’s what I came up with.

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

The official logo is this seal. It’s the most “complicated” of the three variations and the idea is to use it as a “seal” on the photos they use to promote their business (example below).

A+K Photography | Engagement Photo

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

This is the simpler version of the logo that the gals can use as a stamp if they’d like.

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

Lastly, this is the horizontal logo variation I used for their website. On the website I used inner shadow styling, which is the way it’s presented here.

Back to the website and A+K’s branding… I was really happy with their decision to use a bright teal. It’s a fun color that really pops when used against their black and white photos. I’m also happy they trusted me enough to let me make the background texture gray. Originally they wanted beige, but it frankly didn’t feel right. The beige not only clashed with the teal of the logo, but also with their beautiful photos. The focus was more on the background texture than their work, which was not what we wanted!

A+K Photography | Website designed by Tatiana Jimenez

All in all this was a really fun site to work on. I’ve never worked with my sisters in a professional capacity before, and am happy to say, we worked well together! I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished already in their careers (I think they’re fabulous photographers) and am excited to see where their business takes them!

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You may recall a website I made for Skata Products about a year ago. It was a lot of fun creating a website for such a cool product. This time around the client wanted to add some videos to their site to help convey how their Decorative Wall Stamps can really transform an interior space. [click to continue…]


Monday Inspiration: Bjork + Polar Bear

by tatiana on May 24, 2010

It’s Monday. It’s almost 9pm. Do you know where your Tatiana is? I’m in my beloved (sometimes) Noe Valley Starbucks trying to focus on modifying some CSS for a client, and I couldn’t help but make a quick post about this lady (see: above). I really love Bjork, a lot. And this photo makes me really happy. And I wanted to share that information with you (and I guess the universe) at this very moment. That is all for now.

Coming soon-ish (hopefully tomorrow) – a little about my adventures in So Cal this past weekend, photos of a forgotten part of town, creating new traditions and a trip down memory lane.


Breathe, Keep Breathing

by tatiana on April 24, 2010

I’ve been listening to LastFM since 2006, and in these last four years, I have listened to this song 27 times (according to the nifty charts). This is a cover of one of my favorite Radiohead songs “Exit Music for a Film” by Vampire Weekend. I really love LastFm… it’s so much better than Pandora or Slacker Radio in my opinion. Give it a whirl. Befriend me!

In other news, I woke up early again so I decided, in efforts of being productive, I’ll head over to Starbucks and work on webby things. And I have been, while also being constantly distracted by adorable (and some not so adorable) children. It was cute for the first hour. I have resorted to my headphones and internet radio. Thank God for headphones. Anyway, work work and then a tennis tournament at 4pm. That’s right kids. I’ll be busting out my racket that has gone untouched for the last 5 years. Should be interesting. Here’s hoping I don’t pull too many muscles. Anyway, happy weekend!


High-Five, Ravelry!

by tatiana on March 28, 2010

I’m sure many of my fellow lovers of needle crafts out there in internet-land have noticed that ravelry.com has a new and improved log-in screen. It’s pretty ridiculously adorable and well done. A big improvement over their previous log-in form on the right side of their busy homepage. This change makes the site look a lot more user-friendly and clean… and less intimidating for new knitters and crocheters.

What is ravelry? Well to those of you who are unfamiliar… you need to get with it! Just kidding. Or, half kidding. Ravelry was started a few years ago by a gal with a vision and a guy with great programming abilities. Together, they made Ravelry, a community of knitters and crocheters where you can interact, search for and download patterns, or purchase them. It’s a really great resource that I’m sure many of us would be lost without… or our projects wouldn’t be as awesome. I’ll have to post photos of my latest ravelry pattern purchases once I’ve finished them. I’ve been working on a lot of gifts lately… hopefully I’ll be able to get back to working on items for my shop soon. Anyway, I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Is it Monday tomorrow already?

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Goals, Aspirations & Dreams for 2010

by tatiana on January 5, 2010

Photo Credit: Treehugger

1. I stumbled upon this “remix” of this British WWII poster today while searching for something totally unrelated and I sat and stared at it for a while. I love this. It isn’t so much a goal, but very good things to keep in mind. Don’t stress out. Life’s way too short. And also, never stop getting excited to create, whether it’s a hat, a tool shed in your backyard, or simply jotting down your thoughts in a journal. [click to continue…]


Adventures in Web Design: Skata Products

by tatiana on October 2, 2009


I was recently commissioned to redesign the website and look for Skata Products. They’re a fairly new company that specializes in eco-friendly wallpaper-free solutions for beautifying any interior space, particularly with their Decorative Wall Stamp.

[click to continue…]


Giggly Delirium

by tatiana on July 12, 2009


Photo taken at the Bride World Expo in Los Angeles

This weekend has been full of wedding planning adventures, food, beer, wine and of course, good friends. I am super tired and am planning to camp out in this Irvine Coffee Bean until 5:30pm this evening until I meet up with my coworker to see 311 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at 7pm. That was a long sentence. That’s what happens when I’m exhausted. It’s ok though. It was worth it.

Friday night our friend (and fellow bridesmaid) flew down from San Francisco and landed 40 minutes early! This never happens! Anyway, we picked her up and headed to the Yardhouse in Long Beach where we drank beers and caught up (even though I had seen SF friend two weeks ago). We had a great time, even though our waitress forgot about us for about half an hour (or longer). I was too delirious at that point to tell time. Everything was funny. Pretty much all weekend I could not stop laughing.

Saturday we headed over to the Bride World Expo at the LA Convention Center. Word on the street was that it is the “largest bridal expo in California.” We were not that impressed. We all agreed that it didn’t feel like 200 vendors were in attendance. We did get some free cake samples though. I like anything that’s free. The best cake sample was a yummy taro cake.

The rest of the weekend flew by crazy fast. Onto the new week!

As you are aware, I’m not at home today, so I don’t have my sewing machine handy, BUT I will be posting a super super quick project tomorrow inspired by this photo from The Sartorialist:


Photo by The Sartorialist

Perhaps you can guess what the project will be? Eh? Eh? That will be coming at ya tomorrow evening. So get ready for it!

In other news, I have been dedicating a lot of time lately to modifying, building, and writing for TV Rots Your Mind Grapes.


It’s our new baby. Marissa is the co-creator of this super fun project, and an excellent writer. We love TV, particularly good TV and like to write about it. You should check it out! We just started it this week; the blog will get juicier as it ripens. (Ha!) I crack myself up.


Thursday Inspiration

by tatiana on March 26, 2009

Yogi tea is pretty much amazing. If you don’t drink it already… what the heck is wrong with you. Just kidding. It’s a little early. I think it was my old roomie Kate who introduced me to the wonderful world of Yogi. I think the first tea I tried was Women’s Moon Cycle. I am now a regular drinker of the Detox and Kava Stress Relief varieties. Good for the body and mind. I decided to find their website the other day to send my mom some info, and I was pleasantly surprised to find what I believe was a BEAUTIFUL site for their products. Simple, elegant, and peaceful. Really great, detailed illustration, and nice flash animation on the first page. Not overwhelming with motion graphics, just simple and effective.

Yogi Tea

Also… a quick tip I received from my coworker the other day. If you use Firefox (and you should, as it is the superior web browser), you should download this plugin, FireShot: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5648 It’s a quick and easy way to capture screenshots (like the one above). It’s as simple as clicking a button in your web browser, it then opens a preview window, and then you can edit and save the screeshot. Pretty awesome. I recommend.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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