Things things things

by tatiana on September 28, 2010

Sometimes life feels like it’s moving way faster than the speed limit. What is the speed limit of life? I don’t know, exactly, but things are moving at around 90 miles per hour these days. There’s so much I’d like to do/accomplish but so little time! So, I’m writing it out here. Why? Why not.

Business-Owning Bad-Ass

Well, not really, but doesn’t that sound catchy and awesome? I recently applied for a business license for my brand Babushka Designs in the county of San Francisco. It arrived on Saturday! Yayyyyy. What does this mean? It’s time to get serious…-er. I have so many ideas in this 8 lb. brain of mine (and in my fancy molskine) but time is the most important factor. I have 3 more slipper styles in the works, a handful of hats and some rad neckties that I need to finish up and get in the shop.

What’s that smell?

In other handmade news, have you seen my bedroom? And by my bedroom I more specifically mean, the pile of thrifted gold that’s laying on the floor? No? Well good because it’s crazy. I have about 5 dresses, 4 skirts and a sweater that I’ve accumulated over the past 6 or so months that need my attention. These things are dying to be worn around this kick ass town. I will be all over that this weekend, fo sho.

Working it.

In more techy news, mama needs to revamp her sad little website. I’ve been so focused on my blog and other web and print design projects that my personal site has fallen by the wayside. But, baby steps are acceptable at this point in time, so I will start by updating my portfolio, and adding a pdf of work samples to my blog. I think that would suffice, for now at least. As usual, I have big plans.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! Sorry this post is sans-photos (ahem, Cathy).


Upcycle Sunday: Sewing Machine Cover

by tatiana on February 14, 2010

Happy Sunday, guys and dolls, lads and ladies, blokes and betties. I hope your Valentine’s Day, or Lunar New Year, or whatever today means to you, is going well. Here in San Francisco the sun was shining through my window and the weather was nice enough to not have to wear a sweater indoors. Perfect for a day of sewing and blasting iTunes while simultaneously having a solo dance party or kareoke fest every hour or so. I have way too much fun by myself.

Moving along! One of the ongoing projects is vamping up or apartment. Within the next month or so I volunteered to take on the intimidating task of making a slip cover for our couch… so in efforts of preparing for that monster project, today I’ve decided to do a smaller scaled slip cover of sorts, for my sewing machine. [click to continue…]


Feelin’ hot hot hot.

by tatiana on July 19, 2009

Yes. It is 115 degrees outside. I believe Kenneth from 30 Rock would call this “the Devil’s temperature.” Ungodly. Definitely.

In addition to the Entourage marathon I’ve been having, I’ve been working on upcycling projects! The one I will share with you today is a neat scarf I made using fabric from a maxi dress that I made shorter a while back. As you may remember, this project was inspired by this photo I saw on The Sartorialist blog.


Isn’t my sister the best model? I pay her with Frappuccinos.

The jersey fabric paired with the gingham makes for a nice comfy scarf. I believe this Upcycle Sunday was another experiment gone good. (Pats self on back).

Back to my Entourage boys! My coworker was right, the show does get better after the first season.