You’re So My Type: Moonrise Kingdom

by tatiana on June 6, 2012

Like many fans of good cinema, I saw Moonrise Kingdom this week. (You thought I was going to say fans of Wes Anderson, didn’t you? Well, I wasn’t. But now I guess I am, as I really loved this movie and can’t stop watching the trailer.) Basically, this was one of Wes Anderson’s best, according to me, and I think everyone should see it. It gave me warm fuzzies, it made me laugh, it made me ponder life, and it made me want to be 12-years-old again.

The one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about was how much I loved the lettering. A quick Google search and a few clicks later, I found out that it is not yet a typeface. (Update: See comments!) The lettering was hand-drawn by San Francisco-based type-designer (what about type-ologist? I think that would be a fun title) Jessica Hische. Hopefully someday it’ll be available to the masses, but for now we can enjoy it when we watch Moonrise Kingdom over and over.

Typeface coming soon… we hope!

Come to think of it… the lettering is similar to the typeface I use for my blog headings (except Hische’s is way cooler). I’m using a Google Web Font called Great Vibes. I bet it would look great in that mustard yellow too though. Anyway, what are some of your favorite uses of type in film? One that easily comes to mind is the Windsor typeface, which is used in all of Woody Allen’s films, and Wes Anderson previously used Futura in his films (Stanley Kubrick was also a big Futura fan). I wonder why more directors aren’t using Papyrus? (Just kidding, please put the tomatoes away.)


Thursday Inspiration: Vintage Cartoon Typography

by tatiana on February 24, 2011

What’s up, doc[s]? I’ve decided to start throwing the inspiring image-stuffs I find online, print collateral I scan, or photos I take of things I stumble upon into a Flickr set called Graphic Design Inspiration. Here’s my first image in the set. I found it while perusing Molly Crabapple‘s Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School site (which is amaaazing). Definitely check it out. Inspiring image lies below!



Operation Pillow

by tatiana on July 10, 2010

(Photo Credits: weheartit)

I’ve been living in my apartment for about 9 months now, and I’ve been decorating it at a snail’s pace. Today, I decided it’s time to take a big(ger) leap towards making it a place that is visually stimulating and inspiring by making some pillows. [click to continue…]


I Saw the Sign: Victorville Edition

by tatiana on June 3, 2010

Image: Victorville, California circa 1935

I haven’t been back to Southern California to visit my family and hometown since the holidays, so a few friends and I decided to drive down road trip-style last weekend. We left good ole’ San Francisco Thursday evening and got to our respective hometowns at a semi-respectable hour. [click to continue…]


You’re So My Type: Memoriam

by tatiana on January 21, 2010

I’m not the biggest typophile, but I do appreciate a good typeface when I see one. I religiously read I Love Typography and today they highlighted their fave fonts of 2009. Scrolling through I could not get past Memoriam when I saw it… it just, kinda blew me away. Breathtaking. Take a looksy.

Beautiful, classy and funky with a hint of retro flare. This is a great display typeface… sized any smaller than 48 point and a lot of information is lost. So delicate! I’m tempted to purchase and play. It’s fascinating how a font can be so inspiring. Ah, the possibilities for Memoriam!