Operation Pillow

by tatiana on July 10, 2010

(Photo Credits: weheartit)

I’ve been living in my apartment for about 9 months now, and I’ve been decorating it at a snail’s pace. Today, I decided it’s time to take a big(ger) leap towards making it a place that is visually stimulating and inspiring by making some pillows. [click to continue…]


This is a beautiful illustration by Clare Owen that I found via the adorable Making Chicken Salad blog via my Google Reader via my laptop via my fingers and eyeballs. [click to continue…]


Rainy February Shop Update

by tatiana on February 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my Etsy shop, so here are some new goodies. Keep warm and dry out there!


Upcycle Sunday: Sewing Machine Cover

by tatiana on February 14, 2010

Happy Sunday, guys and dolls, lads and ladies, blokes and betties. I hope your Valentine’s Day, or Lunar New Year, or whatever today means to you, is going well. Here in San Francisco the sun was shining through my window and the weather was nice enough to not have to wear a sweater indoors. Perfect for a day of sewing and blasting iTunes while simultaneously having a solo dance party or kareoke fest every hour or so. I have way too much fun by myself.

Moving along! One of the ongoing projects is vamping up or apartment. Within the next month or so I volunteered to take on the intimidating task of making a slip cover for our couch… so in efforts of preparing for that monster project, today I’ve decided to do a smaller scaled slip cover of sorts, for my sewing machine. [click to continue…]


Not Your Granny’s Craft Fair!

by tatiana on December 7, 2009


I don’t think I can adequately express how excited I am about Bazaar Bizarre. I’ve been dying to go for YEARS, and finally, the stars have lined up and I will be able to be surrounded by handmade goodness and the awesome people who make it all happen.

I know it’s a little difficult to buy exclusively handmade items during the holidays… but it’s good to try! This is where Bazaar Bizarre comes in handy. Support those who are trying to create goods in ethical and sustainable ways. Also, handmade gifts are extra special because they’re often one-of-a-kind… and they’re made with love. “It’s all for love. L-O-V-E.” – Michael Jackson (Did anyone else see This Is It?)

Here’s the info:

What: Over 120 Vendors, Free Craft Workshops, Food, Music <– I love all of those things.
When: Saturday December 12th & Sunday December 13th 2009
Where: San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Admission: $2.00 for adults, Children under 12 FREE (half of admission is being donated to art education organizations)

ALSO for $5 and a bag of your own old clothes that you no longer wear, you can pick up some new rags and upcycle the crap out of them.

SORR Postcard

How excited am I? VERY. I live for this shit.

For more information, head over to their website:

Hope to see you there!


Upcycle Sunday: Back In Action

by tatiana on October 19, 2009


I know, I know. It’s been a while. But I’m back with my sewing machine, scissors and mind grapes to bring you upcycled thrift finds. Today, we are going to turn a men’s long sleeved button up shirt into a cute pencil skirt.
[click to continue…]


Indie Designer Spotlight: UK Edition

by tatiana on August 11, 2009


Indie Designer Spotlight: Wholly Cow Clothing

In the vast world of fashion, The United Kingdom has always been viewed as being a front runner by constantly bringing a plethora of goodies to the table (or, the runways) by way of designers such as Vivienne Westwood and her no-rules legacy, to the amazing Irregular Choice shoes (which I was addicted to for a while). From Victorian elegance to the arrival of the miniskirt on Carnaby Street, the UK has always served as a capital for the new and timeless and an inspiration for those of us looking to bring elegance back in new and interesting ways.


left: 1777 English Satire on tight lacing (found here) right: Irregular Choice

Now that we’ve had a look into the past, let’s venture into the future! Today’s spotlight is Wholly Cow Clothing.

Their first collection launched 3 seasons ago.  All of their pieces are designed and hand crafted in the North East of England. They most recently launched the Green label, which is an ethical line that was just introduced last season and uses completely recycled fabrics (e.g. curtains, blankets, clothes, etc).

The Pink label is Wholly Cow’s main ready to wear line. Although the Pink label isn’t made from recycled material, Wholly Cow still sources their fabrics from as close to home as possible and the items are made nearby by women who work flexibly from their own homes. They strive to make the process as ethical as possible.

Wholly Cow Gingham DressGingham Dress with underskirt in gingham and tulle.
This is my favorite piece. I think gingham will always be in style. I love how effortless this garment looks paired with the red ribbon. It can easily be worn to a birthday party or for a day at the park.

I asked Lisa Germaney of Wholly Cow where she finds inspiration for her designs, and how she came up with the name for her label.  “I’d been struggling to find [a name] that smacks you, is unforgettable and reflects the feel of the label then it just came to me. I asked for feedback from girlie friends over a few glasses of fine vino one night and it was all good so that reaffirmed it.  I’m very passionate about music, especially live music, the louder the better, it stirs something inside and inspires me as does art so I hope this is reflected in the design of my clothes.”


I feel like Wholly Cow Clothing provides a unique perspective when it comes to the party dress (although they don’t solely make dresses). I appreciate their use of recycled materials and hope that more designers embrace similarly available resources and continue trying to make the process of design more sustainable and eco-friendly. I’m excited to see what Wholly Cow has in store for us in the future!

If you like what you see, you’re in luck, kiddies! Wholly Cow is currently holding a 40% off sale on their website. Their upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection, which they are currently hard at work on, will be available in September. The Spring/Summer 2009 Collection, including the Green label, is currently available on their website and in select boutiques.


Feelin’ hot hot hot.

by tatiana on July 19, 2009

Yes. It is 115 degrees outside. I believe Kenneth from 30 Rock would call this “the Devil’s temperature.” Ungodly. Definitely.

In addition to the Entourage marathon I’ve been having, I’ve been working on upcycling projects! The one I will share with you today is a neat scarf I made using fabric from a maxi dress that I made shorter a while back. As you may remember, this project was inspired by this photo I saw on The Sartorialist blog.


Isn’t my sister the best model? I pay her with Frappuccinos.

The jersey fabric paired with the gingham makes for a nice comfy scarf. I believe this Upcycle Sunday was another experiment gone good. (Pats self on back).

Back to my Entourage boys! My coworker was right, the show does get better after the first season.


Indie Designer Spotlight: Canadian Edition

by tatiana on July 6, 2009

The other day I had the pleasure of hearing about a neat online company called FashionCan that helps independent designers set up and manage an online boutique. I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised by what I found there.


FashionCan currently hosts boutiques for 10 independent designers, my favorites being: House of Spy, Valerie Dumaine, and Elroy Apparel. Their garments are a bit on the pricey side, but that comes with purchasing and supporting independent designers. Aside from the pricey aspect, the pieces from these three previously mentioned designers are incredibly inspiring. These three have very unique points of view when it comes to silhouettes and the girl they are aiming to dress. Here are my favorite pieces:

The Zoe Dress by House of Spy

I usually am not a big fan of white.I am super clumsy, and am ambivalent about wearing white for I fear the inevitable ketchup or coffee stain. But this dress looks so comfortable, and effortless, that I just might put my fears aside. Livin on the edge! That’s right. I love the unfinished look on the sleeves and bottom of this dress. It’s the perfect summer dress for frolicking in a field of poppies, and then falling asleep, sleep. Poppies will make you sleeeep.

The Agnes Dress by Valerie Dumaine

First of all, this model is gorgeous. Perfect styling, so kudos to Miss Dumaine! This dress is a great, great example of a modern take on vintage style. The 1940’s top, with the modern just-above-the-knee length of the bottom. Great color, great shapes, which hint at the always classic and chic, nautical look.

The Nepeta Dress by Elroy Apparel

I want this dress. I am OBSESSED with pockets right now, as I think many gals are. This is the perfect “little black dress” for us non-conventional types. The sleeves are great for those of us who have broad shoulders, and the length is perfect with a pair of opaque colored tights (or netted, or patterned tights). The possibilities are endless with this dress. It can be styled so many different ways. Definitely classic. This piece will be able to be worn throughout the coming decades. You can take my word for it.


Indie Designer Spotlight

by tatiana on June 23, 2009

Happy Tuesday everyone! I recently learned about ALEX&RA and thought I’d start dedicating a few posts every month to indie designers that I think are doing great things in the wonderful world of apparel.


ALEX&RA, designed by Alexandra Cipparone, is a very feminine line that reminds me of what I dream to find while thrifting. Her dresses and tops are lovely, but the pencil skirts are to die for (especially this one)! I absolutely love her color choices, cut and attention to detail that really make for a unique line. Her pieces have a refined retro flare that makes them timeless. Cipparone works and lives in San Francisco, CA (one of my favorite cities!) and has made her mark via her etsy shop. The fantastic thing about ALEX&RA is that each piece is hand made. Yay handmade revolution!


Alexandra explains, “My designs are largely influenced by my beautiful city of San Francisco, California and are made using fabrics that have a low-impact on the environment. Due to the success I found at Etsy, I decided to launch my own online shop,, where customers can now purchase directly through me. This gives me a better opportunity to connect with my customers and provide them with a better, more customized shopping experience.”

I think, as an Etsy seller myself, we all hope to become successful in our creative endeavors, as Alexandra has. How inspiring! So please check out ALEX&RA and help continue the handmade revolution. Stop buying mass produced items! Embrace individuality  and support independent designers. You’ll be happy you did.

(If you are an independent designer and you’d like to be featured, please contact me at info {at}