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The New Yorker, January 31, 2011

“Mental Landscape” by Frank Viva (The New Yorker, January 31, 2011)

My roommate and I have been subscribing to The New Yorker for about a year now. At first I was reading them every week. Then I was only reading the film and theater reviews. Then the unread copies began accumulating on our little “bar” counter in the kitchen and simultaneously decorating our apartment and making us look good when we had visitors. Yeah, I read every issue. Wait. No. No I don’t. (kicks rock)

It’s become routine to find The New Yorker in the mailbox and just leave it on the counter, but not this week. I was totally taken aback by the cover. Most of the covers are beautiful, but this week’s cover was exceptionally striking. Amazing typework – just an amazing work of art really. Also, the color scheme is perfect. La-la-love it.


On this slightly uneventful Wednesday, I think we all need a little metaphorical and inspirational punch in the face. I think the best person to do it is the incredible Betsey Johnson; our cart-wheelin’ fashion designer. In this video she talks about her friend and model Edie Sedgwick, and also about the unmatched greatness of the 1960s era of fashion. It’s a really fun, informative and inspiring video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

“No fashion works outside of the world it’s sitting in.” – Betsey Johnson


This weekend was an amazing weekend for two reasons:
1.) I went to the Getty with two of my favorite people.
2.) Joann’s was having an AMAZING sale on Simplicity patterns… 5 for $5! What up.

My good friend Marissa ventured down from the splendid North (Rohnert Park, CA to be exact) to hang out and bond. Marissa and I discovered a tradition that we have of always visiting museums when we spend time together. In the past we’ve visited the SF MOMA, the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, the DeYoung Museum, and the list goes on. This time, since she flew into LAX, we hopped over to the J. Paul Getty Museum. What a perfect day. The weather was beautiful, and the museum was not at all crowded. The Getty has a handful of exhibits currently running, but here are a few that I thought were worth mentioning:

The Goat’s Dance: Photographs by Graciela Iturbide –
Cholas, White Fence, East LA, Graciela Iturbide, 1986
This exhibit showcases the photography of Graciela Iturbide, from the barrios of Los Angeles to the wide open spaces of Sonora, Mexico. She captures the in-your-face nature of the cholos and cholas from the infamous White Fence and Maravillas gangs of East LA. The subjects of her photographs are compelling and allow us a glimpse into their dynamic world.

Consuming Passion: Fragonard’s Allegories of Love –
The Fountain of Love, Fragonard, 1875
I absolutely loved these pieces, and I loved seeing the process in making pieces of such detail. The Getty provides not only the finished paintings for our viewing pleasure, but includes some original sketches and/or drafts and variations of the pieces. Very neat experience.

Alas, my Friday spent at the Getty came and went. The two hours we spent in pre-rush hour traffic back to Huntington could have been worse. I, of course, played my Shirley Temple’s Greatest Hits CD… but soon realized that I was the only one enjoying it. Needless to say, it did not help. Luckily we talked up a storm and passed the time the best we could.

Every now and then I get an itch to create an addition to my wardrobe. Usually this itch is a result of disappointing selections at clothing stores. My quest this time is to create the perfect jumper. The jumper is something I struggle with. Why? Well, for one, it can easily look like a Muumuu. And secondly it can make one look very juvenile- and being the youngest person in my workplace, looking more juvenile than I already do is not ideal. So, I have been doing some research. Luckily for me, Joann’s had an amazing sale on Simplicity patterns yesterday. I bought 10 patterns for $10! Woo woo. So here is the pattern I am using for my jumper:

Simplicity Pattern, 4097

I basically finished it last night, save for a few details that need some hand sewing, but I still feel like it looks a bit muumuu-ish. So, after perusing the good old internet I’ve found some inspiring jumpers:
I really like this jumper by Chloe. I like the bagginess, and the way the garment is styled with the collared undershirt.
Heart Bubble Jumper Dress
I really like the way this jumper bubbles at the bottom, but not in the typical “bubble skirt” kind of way. I might utilize this technique.
Mooka Kinney
The “Maeby Jumper” by Mooka Kinney, a dress designing duo from New York. I absolutely love what they do. Totally inspiring.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the perfect jumper…


NY Fashion Week so far: My Thoughts

by tatiana on September 13, 2007

Boo, someday I will be able to go to fashion week. I need to start making some celebrity friends, or my friends need to start becoming celebrities.

Why does Betsey Johnson’s collection make me feel like I just walked into Limited Too (the adolescent/teen girl clothing store)? That and I can imagine the smell of the kids section of Bath & Body Works: smells cheap. Betsey, I know this show is for Spring, but I think we’ve gone a little too far with the pastel yellows, pinks and poof. But don’t worry, I still think you’re amazing.
Betsey Johnson, Spring 2008

As much of a problem I usually have with actors or musicians who come up with their own fashion label, I am EXTREMELY impressed with Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection. I would wear 80% of what was on the runway. She has impeccable taste and if I could give her a high five, I would. I always wonder though, about how involved in the design process she is. Is she a good sewer? Does she have a good understanding of the female anatomy? Or does she hire someone to make these detailed decisions for her? I bet there’s a man/woman behind the curtain that is “Gwen Stefani, Designer.”
L.A.M.B., Spring 2008

Although not one of my favorite designers, Phillip Lim (an OC native) hit it head on. In the fashion world in my head of course. I live in a world where primary colors rule. I think that primary colors go with anything. And I guess Phillip Lim does as well. Maybe we’re fashion soul mates.
3.1 Phillip Lim, Spring 2008

When Badgley Mischka came out with their ad featuring the Olsen twins a few years ago I was amazed. The girls looked lovely and in turn they made the clothing look lovely. Very elegant with a little bit of a wild edge. When I opened my Vogue magazine last month, who did I find in the B.M. ad? TERI HATCHER. And I guess it kind of makes sense. Their label has gone from elegant to old BCBG. Actually, you know what, i think they’ve switched identities. Those kidders.

Badgley Mischka, Spring 2008
Max Azaria, BCBG, Spring 2008

I don’t know if this would be the most accurate depiction of the way I felt when I saw Heatherette’s collection, but it felt like I went on the It’s a Small World ride while high on ecstasy. And I loved it!
Heatherette, Spring 2008

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