Wednesday Inspiration: Clay Bodies by Zola Jesus

by tatiana on October 13, 2010

I just got home from sushi (at Sushi Time) with delightful friends. It was a delicious meal full of colorful conversation, most excitedly about music. But, apparently Zola Jesus, who I saw open for The xx a few weeks ago, will be playing at Milk Bar in San Francisco this Friday night. I found this amaaaaazing video on youtube and had to share. The lace, the imagery, the mise-en-scène (if you wanna get fancy), THE SONG, absolutely beautiful.


I Think We're Superstars

by tatiana on September 23, 2010

Tonight is the night. THE night of the XX show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Saying ‘I’m excited’ would be a bit of an understatement at this point. I’ve been fortunate to go to a handful of great shows lately (Dreamgirls, Man Man, The Tallest Man on Earth) and I think this one will be the delicious cherry on top of my September extracurricular activities.


Zero Days of Summer: The Playlist

by tatiana on September 9, 2010

(Photo Credit: weheartit)

Howdy, kids! I know my last post was music-related, but here’s a lil playlist I put together today.

Get a playlist!

So, as some of you may know, summer has not quite hit San Francisco – it’s been 65 degrees and cloudy for the last 3 months. As such, I’m trying to keep the summer spirit alive (and hopefully not get too mopey with my vitamin D deficiency) in hopes that it will be warm and sweater-free soon (at least for a few weeks) with these songs that remind me of summertime. Enjoy!


Who: The Ferocious Few (who are amaaaaazing)
Where: Bottom of the Hill
When: Tomorrow, Saturday, September 4th @ 9:30pm
How Much: $10.00


Just something I wanted to share on this mellow Wednesday. It’s gloomy and cold outside, but warm and calm inside. Here are the Born Ruffians performing Little Garçon, one of my favorite songs off of their Red, Yellow & Blue album. It gets groovy around 1:52… wait for it. This version is a bit different than the album version, still good though. Enjoy, and happy Wednesday.


Be Ferocious, B-E Ferocious

by tatiana on June 20, 2010

Happy Sunday, everyone! A while back when my mister and I were comparing apps, he was telling me how amazing the WordPress app was, so I decided to give it a whirl. So voilà, coming straight to you from my iPhone.

Below is a photo of The Ferocious Few performing at the Haight Street Fair last weekend. It was hot, crowded, and I was ready to bounce, but then I heard retro-sounding guitar riffs backed by hyper drumming and had to stop and listen. I stayed for the rest of their set. Check them out July 15th at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, or google them and give your ears a treat.

I’m off to the North Beach Festival today! Here’s hoping I do not get visited by claustrophobia again!


Me vs. Book. Also, Youtube is evil.

by tatiana on June 2, 2010

A few months ago my roommate and I joined Book Club. The first rule of Book Club was not to talk about Book Club, but I just think I broke that rule. Mah bad. Our current selection is The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, which is pretty amazing so far (I’m halfway through). The problem is, I opened my laptop to turn on some music. Then I decided to look up an Erykah Badu video “really quick” on Youtube. The next thing you know, it’s 10:30pm and I’m writing a blog entry about it. Anyway, I wanted to share one of my favorite songs/videos and I hope you enjoy the adorable couple that once was, Common and Erykah Badu.

You’re welcome. Happy Wednesday!


Hot like Mexico, Rejoice

by tatiana on June 2, 2010

Much a-buzz this week on the interwebs, as you may or may not have noticed, is the anticipation of Lady Gaga’s new video to be released Monday, June 7th for her single “Alejandro” from Fame Monster. [click to continue…]


Monday Inspiration: Bjork + Polar Bear

by tatiana on May 24, 2010

It’s Monday. It’s almost 9pm. Do you know where your Tatiana is? I’m in my beloved (sometimes) Noe Valley Starbucks trying to focus on modifying some CSS for a client, and I couldn’t help but make a quick post about this lady (see: above). I really love Bjork, a lot. And this photo makes me really happy. And I wanted to share that information with you (and I guess the universe) at this very moment. That is all for now.

Coming soon-ish (hopefully tomorrow) – a little about my adventures in So Cal this past weekend, photos of a forgotten part of town, creating new traditions and a trip down memory lane.


Breathe, Keep Breathing

by tatiana on April 24, 2010

I’ve been listening to LastFM since 2006, and in these last four years, I have listened to this song 27 times (according to the nifty charts). This is a cover of one of my favorite Radiohead songs “Exit Music for a Film” by Vampire Weekend. I really love LastFm… it’s so much better than Pandora or Slacker Radio in my opinion. Give it a whirl. Befriend me!

In other news, I woke up early again so I decided, in efforts of being productive, I’ll head over to Starbucks and work on webby things. And I have been, while also being constantly distracted by adorable (and some not so adorable) children. It was cute for the first hour. I have resorted to my headphones and internet radio. Thank God for headphones. Anyway, work work and then a tennis tournament at 4pm. That’s right kids. I’ll be busting out my racket that has gone untouched for the last 5 years. Should be interesting. Here’s hoping I don’t pull too many muscles. Anyway, happy weekend!