Day Trip to Sonoma & Real Talk About Wine

by tatiana on July 6, 2014

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

So, fun fact: I managed to stay away from wine until I was about 22 years old. In college, my roommate and another close friend would hang out in our living room with a bottle of Merlot and a plate of stinky cheese whilst watching America’s Next Top Model, and the buttery smell of the wine + the crazy cheese really turned me off. I didn’t grow up around these foods and thought they wouldn’t be enjoyable for me. As a result I went through most of college drinking Midori Sours. Headache central, kids. Head. Ache. Central. Luckily I eventually navigated to new waters that brought me to more fun and complex beverage experiences. My gateway wine was a Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, and at that moment I knew that there was a world that I had been missing out on. (And I now LOVE stinky cheese, although there are still a few that are outside of my olfactory comfort zone.)

A few months ago some coworkers and I decided to take advantage of how close we are to California’s wine country and visited a few wineries in Sonoma. I brought my camera along to document our experience. We visited the following wineries: Cline, Jacuzzi (owned by Cline), and Chateau St. Jean.

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

This first photo (above) was taken at a winery that I a.) don’t remember the name of and b.) had an unpleasant experience at. The woman pouring the wine wasn’t welcoming and answered our questions with either monosyllabic answers or a condescending tone. I think a few ladies in my group still purchased some bottles, and the woman was friendly after that, which felt extra icky to me. I’m happy to report that everyone at the wineries I listed, that we visited after this first winery, were friendly, knowledgeable and a lot of fun.

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

Checking out the tasting menu at Jacuzzi.

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

Pretty stained window at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards.

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

Taking a moment to pose with the wax man statue at Jacuzzi.

We went to the Girl and the Fig for lunch, and it was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had. Included below is a photo of the cheese plate, which was one of the many things we ordered. What a treat! If you’re ever in Sonoma, I highly recommend checking it out.

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com sonoma_09

Caitlin orders her first Bloody Mary (EVER) at Girl and the Fig.

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

We ended our trip at Chateau St. Jean. The photo below was taken by my friend and perfectly describes how I feel after a day of wine tasting:

Day Trip to Sonoma | tatianajimenez.com

Fuzzy and incredibly content.

Do you have any favorite wineries in the Bay Area that you’d recommend? Let me know!

In related news, I recently starting using the Delectable App for the iPhone. (Add me by searching for Tatiana Jimenez!) It’s kind of like a combination of Instagram, Yelp and Foursquare, but for wine. You take a photo of the label, or point to the wine you ordered on a menu and it identifies the wine, adds it to your wine feed, and you can rate it and add notes. It also organizes the wines you’ve tried into country, region, sub-region, etc. It is slowly turning me into a wine nerd, and I’m ok with that.


Friday Inspiration: Choward's Old Timey Candy

by tatiana on February 5, 2010

What kind of name is Choward’s? Why does this look like a package of cough drops? Stop asking questions and just eat them.

I picked these up at the hardware store earlier and was a little too excited about my find. The packaging is really beautiful. It was an impulse purchase (as candy most often is) and I devoured them all. It’s basically a pack of sweet tarts, except you only have the lemon kind. These are a little less sweet than Sweet Tarts, which is nice, because if you eat them quickly (like I did) you won’t get a tummy ache.


Foto Fun with iPhone Apps: TiltShift Generator

by tatiana on December 16, 2009

Stacy, Siddiq and Marissa, taken in Seattle, Nov 2009. Edited with TiltShift Generator

A while back a friend of mine told me about the wonders of the Toy Camera application for the iPhone. I bought it immediately (only $1.99!). This app basically lets you edit your photos without uploading them to the computer and prettying them up in Photoshop. You can add vintage color effects and change the saturation. Is Toy Camera a replacement for my beloved Photoshop? No way. But it’s a fun little tool to impress your friends and/or lovers.

above: TiltShift Generator in action

The new app that I discovered today that I really like is TiltShift Generator (aka Fake DSLR), brought to us by the creators of  Toy Camera (Art & Mobile). Only 99 cents, this application allows you to change the contrast and brightness as well as the saturation of your photos, and add either a radial or linear blur. Kinda neat. Kinda fun. I think I got my money’s worth.