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A+K Photography Website Design

This snazzy little website is something I’ve been working on with the gorgeous and talented gals from A+K Photography (spoiler alert: they’re my sisters!). Around the end of May they decided that they wanted to move from a Facebook page to a website where they could post blog entries and present their photography in a gallery. They work out of Southern California, and like in any bustling area, I knew that they would have lots of local competition, so I wanted to design an elegant and clean website that would help convey their professionalism, excellent taste and modern edge.

We started with the logo. Initially they explained that they wanted something that they could turn into a stamp to brand their packaging (when they ship photos or cds to their clients). They also wanted their logo to looked vintage yet modern… which is a challenge in itself, so here’s what I came up with.

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

The official logo is this seal. It’s the most “complicated” of the three variations and the idea is to use it as a “seal” on the photos they use to promote their business (example below).

A+K Photography | Engagement Photo

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

This is the simpler version of the logo that the gals can use as a stamp if they’d like.

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

Lastly, this is the horizontal logo variation I used for their website. On the website I used inner shadow styling, which is the way it’s presented here.

Back to the website and A+K’s branding… I was really happy with their decision to use a bright teal. It’s a fun color that really pops when used against their black and white photos. I’m also happy they trusted me enough to let me make the background texture gray. Originally they wanted beige, but it frankly didn’t feel right. The beige not only clashed with the teal of the logo, but also with their beautiful photos. The focus was more on the background texture than their work, which was not what we wanted!

A+K Photography | Website designed by Tatiana Jimenez

All in all this was a really fun site to work on. I’ve never worked with my sisters in a professional capacity before, and am happy to say, we worked well together! I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished already in their careers (I think they’re fabulous photographers) and am excited to see where their business takes them!

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Wedding Invitation Map | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez |

This week I had the honor of designing a map to include in a wedding invitation for two good friends whose nuptials will be taking place in San Diego at the end of this year.

When they had initally asked me to design a map, they emailed a few they liked for inspiration. I really liked the idea of customizing the map to highlight not only the mandatory wedding stuff (i.e. hotels, parking, wedding venue, etc), but also highlight places that are unique to them and their relationship. So that’s what we did!

Wedding Invitation Map | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez |

I’m really happy with the way it came out. I designed this bad boy in Adobe Illustrator, and used the gorgeous Monte Carlo font, which can be found and purchased here from The map is not to scale (obviously) but I think it serves its purpose, is clean and elegant, and hopefully everyone will end up at the right place, on time!


Using Fabric Textures in Web Design

by tatiana on May 27, 2012

As some of you may know, I’m a pretty big sewer and fan of vintage fashion, so naturally I love texture in design. For my website redesign, I decided to use less collages (as were seen on my last site), and experiment a little more with fabrics.

Then (2007 – 2012):


For my website redesign I scanned a handful of fabrics I had on hand to see what would work best. I decided on a beautiful navy lace (that I am currently using to make a cute Built By Wendy dress), some gray & white striped fabric for the background (which I made a little more subtle in Photoshop by adding a gray overlay), and muslin (unbleached cotton fabric) to add some texture to my header background.

I scanned all of my fabric using my trusty Epson V100 at 200 dpi (since this is for the web I could have scanned it at a lower resolution, but it’s always nice to have a high quality scan on hand in case of… design emergencies? Those totally happen). Anyway, scanned they were. The result is what you see on my site!

Last night, a friend came over who was not loving the default header and background on her WordPress hosted blog, Fog City Vintage. There wasn’t a lot we could do without paying $$ (since we couldn’t access the CSS, and in order to “customize” her free theme she’d have to pay $30 to access the code), we could literally only change the header and background, so I helped her come up with this:

I used a pretty floral corduroy fabric for the header (which can also be seen here in my room. Can you tell I’m absolutely in love with that fabric?!), the Bellerose font, and the same gray and white striped fabric that I used on my site, but we added a beige color overlay in Photoshop.

I’m excited to continue exploring using textiles on the web. Maybe in addition to fabric, yarn, lace, ric-rac and buttons would be fun to play with? The possibilities are truly endless.


Just for fun, I’d like to share my textiles with you. Feel free to download the texture pack below (8.7MB). Please note that these are for personal use only. Let me know if you use them for any of your projects! I’d love to see your work.

You can download the entire pack by clicking below:


2011: My Year in Review

by tatiana on January 22, 2012

Each year that passes brings bigger and more exciting things, as it should, right? 2011 was probably one of the best years yet. Although there were the inevitable moments of hardship, disappointment and mistakes, life wouldn’t be LIFE without those bumps that force us to become stronger, wiser people. Can I get an amen? Anyway, here’s a breakdown of my year.

January: The Month I went Pro-Bono

I joined Taproot and worked as the graphic designer on a brochure project for the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay. We worked on this project for just around 6 months, and it was the best experience I’ve had working in a pro-bono capacity. My team was fabulous and I can’t wait to work on another project with Taproot.

February: First Trip Abroad

I traveled to London with one of my favorite people, Brianna, to visit another one of my favorite people, Kendra. The trip was so so great; I miss London so much. Such a beautiful city. [click to continue…]


Almost a year ago I decided that it was time to look into doing some volunteer design work. I’d done some pro-bono projects in the past and had great experiences, so, since I was well settled in San Francisco with my living situation and full time design/marketing position, the timing felt right to spread my wings a bit and donate some of my time and skills.

I stumbled upon the Taproot Foundation while sifting through the volunteer listings on, and after perusing their site for a few minutes was pretty impressed. Taproot works with business professionals across the country (and around the world) to place them with nonprofits who have been awarded “service grants”. There are applications on both ends – you have to apply to be a Pro-Bono Consultant, and the organizations have to apply to receive a service grant.

I applied and was accepted within a few days. Once you’ve been accepted, you’re entered into Taproot’s well organized online system (which feels more like an online community), where Account Directors assigned to projects can find consultants to recruit for their teams.

I was recruited to be the graphic designer for a brochure project for the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay. I was thrilled to be a part of this team – working as a designer/marketing professional in the financial industry on a daily basis, I had my heart set on a project that focused on kids (to change things up) – and I was lucky to be chosen to work on one! [click to continue…]


As you’ve probably noticed, sniffing around my blog for even a few seconds, I’m all about making things by hand, and supporting my friends and fellow crafters/artisans/designers/artists to make beautiful things and keep pumping the DIY spirit into the marketplace. [click to continue…]


You may recall a website I made for Skata Products about a year ago. It was a lot of fun creating a website for such a cool product. This time around the client wanted to add some videos to their site to help convey how their Decorative Wall Stamps can really transform an interior space. [click to continue…]


Links of the Week – March 4, 2011

by tatiana on March 3, 2011

Poster by Barbara Kruger, 1989 (scanned from Suffragettes to She Devils by Liz McQuiston)

Hey, all. So I’ve decided that Tweeting my favorite links is just not enough. I want to document them here in my blog as well. Why? Why not! [click to continue…]


Thursday Inspiration: Vintage Cartoon Typography

by tatiana on February 24, 2011

What’s up, doc[s]? I’ve decided to start throwing the inspiring image-stuffs I find online, print collateral I scan, or photos I take of things I stumble upon into a Flickr set called Graphic Design Inspiration. Here’s my first image in the set. I found it while perusing Molly Crabapple‘s Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School site (which is amaaazing). Definitely check it out. Inspiring image lies below!



Adventures in Poster Design: Santa Makeover

by tatiana on December 12, 2010

Happy Sunday, hot people. I’ve been a little MIA lately due to holidays and things that keep me busy and away from sharing my deepest, darkest, crafty secrets on the interweb.

Anyway, awkward self-reintroduction aside, I work at a financial institution, and every year we are lucky enough to have a visit from Santa Claus. Yes. That’s right. And it’s my job to spread the word to the community to bring their kiddies (and dogs/puppies) to visit him and tell him what they’d like for Christmas (or sometimes Hanukkah). Anyway, we wanted to give our poster from last year a little makeover:

We wanted to make the poster less text heavy, a little more accessible and present the information so members can digest everything within a few seconds when they’re either riding the elevator, or walking through the lobby. Also, I wanted Santa to look a little more magical, so I thought that isolating his image from a background would get the job done. The feather gradient below also assists in creating this magical and light feel.

I tend to always gravitate towards Photoshop since it’s the first program I learned and feel the most comfortable with, but over the past 3 years I’ve become a little more fond of InDesign, and used InDesign for this poster. When it comes to designing larger pieces, InDesign is a great tool. The file sizes aren’t as large. Illustrator also works well for large pieces, but it’s all about the scope of the project and what works best for you. I’m really happy with this poster makeover, and must say, Santa’s visit was a lot of fun. I was his “little helper” and ate way too many cookies. ‘Tis the season!