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As Google announced back in March, Google Reader will cease to exist as of July 1st, 2013. Feedly keeps getting suggested as a good Google Reader alternative, but reading through the viewing options and preferences on their site is making me twitch a little. Most importantly, I don’t like that Feedly isn’t web-based (I’m too lazy to download something on 3 computers), so Bloglovin is looking like the best alternative for me.

Having said that, I wonder if I’ll be able to consume the large amount of content on all of the sites I subscribe to (89 to be exact) as quickly with Bloglovin. My guess is that I won’t, but I will try!

Here are some of my favorite blog feeds in my Reader at the moment:

Freunde von Freunden
Category: Interior Design
Favorite Post: Nir Stern – Interface Designer and Architect, Apartment, Noe Valley, San Francisco


As they explain on their website, “FvF is an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes and within their daily working environments.” I found this website when I was getting ready to move into my studio apartment back in April. I was looking for interior decor inspiration and found this site to be rich with beautiful photography and really interesting living and work spaces.

Category: Graphic Design and Style
Favorite Post: Benefit Cosmetics/Dream Job 2: The Detective


I stumbled upon DesignLoveFest about a year ago through one of the many other style blogs I read and this one quickly became a “must read” for me. Bri Emery is not only a talented graphic designer, but her style posts are really terrific. She doesn’t do the typical outfit posts that you see on a lot of fashion blogs. She is great at utilizing fashion (that is often vintage) and creating wonderful concept-driven posts. My favorite is linked above and is a part of a series she did for Benefit Cosmetics where she explores different “dream jobs”. The video is a lot of fun, and her site is incredibly inspiring.

Kitty’s Drawings (and Sewn Creations)
Category: Sewing and Vintage Fashion
Favorite Post: Butterick 6740 – Best Shirt Ever!


My good friend and fellow lover of vintage sewing, Kendra, alerted me to this really fun blog about sewing with vintage patterns. Lately it’s been motivating me to get back into sewing – I miss it!

Umami Mart
Category: Food
Favorite Post: Postcard from Hoi An: Cao Lầu on a Lonely Night


I can’t remember when I started reading Umami Mart’s blog. It was probably some time either before or after my trip to Japan last year. I was most likely scouring the web for travel blogs that talked about Japan because I was looking forward to going/missed it. Umami Mart is a food and culture blog with a large emphasis on Japanese culture, and they also have a shop in Downtown Oakland, which I have actually never been to, but walked by once!

How Do I Put This Gently?
Category: Just for Fun
Favorite Post: Too many good posts to pick one.


I don’t think there’s a whole lot to explain here. Also, I’m not sure if browsing through animated gifs counts as reading, but I highly recommend it. It may or may not improve your quality of life at any moment.

What are some of your daily reads?

Also, if you follow my blog already on Google Reader, don’t forget to import your subscriptions to Bloglovin (if you think Bloglovin may be your jam)! It’s really easy to do. (Instructions here.) And, if you’d like to follow me, click here! Easy peasy. Happy reading!


“How old are you now?” – my dad asks me, pretty much every year on my birthday. This year I answered, “28,” since that is technically my age (I still feel 24, just smarter), and he replied with a face that read “hot damn, ouch, oh lord help you, you’re getting old,” and then I gave him my faux mal de ojo and we chowed down on some Fresh Banana Cheesecake and everything was dandy.

Actual cheesecake, shortly before it was devoured.

I feel like 28 is going to be a great year, and apparently my Chinese horoscope agrees with this (hey fellow rats!). Here are some other things that happened this month:

1.) Casino time with Mom

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in San Bernardino, CA

$50 in free play from your local casino? Why wouldn’t you want to go?! I did and won a nice chunk o’change. Most importantly I got to spend the day hanging with my Mom, which was the best part. The buffet was also a plus. In addition to having too much fun at the penny slots, it was great to be home visiting family and friends… and finally try that Buffalo Wild Wings place I keep seeing on the TV.

2.) Handmade Birthday Cards

“Hold on tight, spider monkey.

Each year I receive a handmade birthday card from Cathy. Last year’s featured Lil Jon and a ilustrated version of me vomiting from drinking to many “Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!” This year I’m being admired by one Edward Cullen. Much more pleasant, right?

3.) Hanging with Rocio

Roc and I in a great vintage furniture shop on Valencia Street

My good friend Rocio was in the Bay Area for a conference, so we got to hang out! Always great to see her. We explored the fun shops on Valencia Street and later ordered in because it was FREEZING outside.

4.) House of Prime Rib

I first learned about House of Prime Rib on No Reservations and wanted to check it out immediately… this was almost 3 years ago, so it was about time I went. I figured my birthday would be the best time to drag my friends with me — and in actuality, everyone was really stoked to go, which was awesome. It was not a disappointing experience. That salad! Those cocktails! That cute corn bread thing! I need to go again, and soon.

5.) A Gift to Myself

So, this is what I got myself for my birthday. Don’t even act like you don’t buy yourself birthday gifts. And don’t make me reference “Treat Yo Self” and force you to watch the YouTube video. (Side note: Can Parks and Rec come back now, please?) Anyway, a friend I highly respect suggested this book, so I picked up a copy and am SO HAPPY I did. It’s pretty stellar.

6.) Cathy in SF!

My good friend Cathy road-tripped up to San Francisco to celebrate her birthday (yay, fellow Pisces!). She drove up with her BF, and our friend Maggie from college drove up from San Jose to spend the day in the city. (Anteater reunion!) We all went to Alcatraz (which explains the ever-so-stylish ponchos in the photo) and it was a soggy morning… particularly for those of us who decided against wearing rain boots (ahem, me). Anyway, it made for another great memory with these ladies and I want them to come back ASAP… or move here. Moving here would be more than acceptable.

And that concludes my birthday month, 2012! Thanks to everyone who made it extra special.


Links of the Week – March 18 & 25, 2011

by tatiana on March 25, 2011

NSYNC in their memorable Disney Channel concert performance. Check out the pants. Whatever happened to JNCO jeans?

Happy Friday, folks. I hope you’re not like me and have that horrid song by Rebecca Black stuck in your head. I’m sure you know the one. I’m sad that it’s the song I now associate with Friday instead of NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid” (Friday ni-eet). Oh well.

Moving along, I didn’t get to posting my links from last week, so this week is a double-decker-dose of linky goodness. Hope you’re hungry for some KNOWLEDGE (and a little nonsense):

That’s all folks. Have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget that tomorrow is Saturday. We so excited. (I promise, that’ll be my last reference to that song, ever).


London: My Top 10 Experiences

by tatiana on March 10, 2011

My week in London was a trip I will never forget. There is nothing like experiencing another culture, especially in a city that is so incredibly rich with history.

I went with my pal Bri with the goals of taking in as much of the sights and experiences London had to offer – and to spend some time with Miss Kendra, my old roomie who is going to grad school in London and is quite the amazing lady. I heart Bri and Kendra mucho and I’m happy that the trip happened. Here’s a countdown of sorts of my favorite things that I experienced while visiting this great city.

10. Trifles from Sainsbury’s

Ingredients: fruit + gelatin mixture, custard, shortbread, whipped cream. It came in a little single-cup portion, like pudding. I was in heaven… several times throughout the trip.

9. Ginger Beer

Crabbie’s. Alcoholic. Amazing. You can put ice in it! One of the things I loved about London was that the drinking culture is so different than the United States. Big, burly men drinking fruit ciders and ginger beer with ice in it… my kinda place.

8. Clotted Creme

Another food experience! Yes. This luscious creme came with our scones at high tea in St. James Park. It wasn’t too sweet, but it was sweet enough. Like buttah, but creamier. I die.

7. In-Your-Face Daytime Lip Color

On the tube, at museums, basically everywhere I went I saw gaggles of super cute gals rocking the bright florescent red or pink lips. Absolutely stunning and a nice contrast from the gloomy weather. After a trip to the MAC store, I too was a part of the bright lips party.

6. The Tube

I live in San Francisco and am one of the few who rarely complain about our public transportation system… but that’s probably because I’d never experienced the Tube… holy moly is that thing efficient. A train comes every 2 minutes or so. Absolutely wonderful. The train cars are clean, and although they can get quite crowded, everyone is usually really polite.

5. Not having internet or GPS on my phone
I’m kind of happy I decided to not pay the $30 extra (or however much it was) to have internet access on my phone while abroad. It forced me to check email and social media accounts at the apartment only (or when I stumbled upon free wi-fi, which was rare). I was able to really focus on and absorb my surroundings. On the other hand, I didn’t have instant access to my interactive map with GPS. But I luckily downloaded a London Tube map app (which I’ll also blog about later) for my iPhone before the trip. That was pretty damn helpful.

4. Paul’s Patisserie

I really think that my friends are sick of me talking about this place but really… there are no words to describe how incredibly mindblowing their macarons were. And the strawberry tart… and the prosciutto sandwich! Delicious, amazing, oh my god.

3. British Television

I really need to write a separate post about my favorite British television shows, but they were just so informative and fun and slighty different than American television. That’s fo sho. When I was tired from a day of walking and navigating the city, I was excited to come back to our gorgeous apartment and take in an episode of Take Me Out, or My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (photo above).

2. Hampton Court Palace

I really like “touching” history. You can’t touch old things at museums, so when I’m in an old building, I like to touch the walls. I don’t know why, I just like to know that I’ve touched something that’s been around, in the case of Hampton Court Palace… since the 1500s. This beautiful palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey, given to King Henry VIII and was used as a hotel/place of entertainment for foreign royals. Good times. You can see glimpses of it in the Showtime series The Tudors.

1. The Tower of London

Once again, I totally touched these walls (once I got inside, of course). This place was built in 1066 and is really fucking old. I spent a good 5 hours here.

The first hour was spent on a beefeater tour which I highly recommend because they are a.) knowledgeable, and it’s a good introduction to what you’ll be seeing, b.) funny, and c.) slightly intimidating.

I saw the crown jewels, the ravens, and lots of old armor. The photo above is of the Queen’s houses – where Anne Boleyn spent her last days before being executed.

Bonus: The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

I can’t believe I almost forgot about this! It was a lot of fun, and silly, and really crowded but I recommend it for those who are fascinated by this unsolved mystery. (Photo above: Mary Kelly’s pub of choice).


Greetings from London!

by tatiana on February 2, 2011

Good morning, and greetings from the fuuuture. It’s Thursday morning, around 6:58am right now. I woke up at 4:50 this morning with an intense craving for a sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich, but tried to make myself go back to sleep. That obviously didn’t work out so well. So here I am, catching up on Google Reader and eating this £3 lasagna that I picked up at the store yesterday (thank god!). I had a feeling I might want a snack at some point.

I’m pretty sure Brianna, my travel companion, is asleep right now. And I salute her. I wish I were too. We were planning on heading to Borough Market around 10am… but hopefully we can head out earlier.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and did a lot of walking our first day. Initially the idea was we’ve been on a plane for 10 hours, our legs need to move! But then around 6pm, which was when sleep deprivation hit the both of us, we couldn’t get back to the apartment fast enough.

Anyway, I’ll try to update while I’m here. It’s hard to upload photos since it seems this laptop won’t let me save image files, so my award-winning iPhone photography will have to wait to be shared with the public until I return.

Just for fun, here are some items on our To Do list: Tower of London, Fashion & Textiles Museum, Design Museum, V&A, tea in the park with Kendra, Jack the Ripper Walking Tour, visit Brighton, visit Oxford, go shopping. There’s a bit more, but these are the things I feel pretty confident about conquering in the 5 more days I have here. Yesterday we saw Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Parliament, National Theater, the Old Vic, and FLEET STREET (yes, I was singing the Sweeney Todd anthem in my head).

Anyway, I’m off! Hope all is dandy in the states!


Happy Thursday, everyone! As we get closer and closer to the upcoming (and much needed) 3-day weekend, I wanted to post about this art/craft fest that I’ll be a part of in February.

It’s an arts and crafts festival which will be hosted by the San Francisco Pie Extremist Group. I know you’re probably thinking: What is that? Who are those people? Answers lie within this link.

Anyway, come out on Saturday, February 12th from 5-9pm for some great pie, art and handmade goodies. I’ll be selling special Valentine’s themed slippers and hats! For more info about the event and how to get yo’self to arguably one of the coolest galleries in San Francisco (in my opinion) click here.


Friendly baristas, amazing coffee, live music AND amazing decor. DREAM COFFEE SHOP

About a month ago I went to Seattle for a wedding (which I will post about soon-ish). We stayed with our friends, and they live in the oh-so-hip Capitol Hill, where everyone looked fresh out of Urban Outfitters/Anthropology that weekend. The weather was beautiful, and so were the people. But not in the plastic-hipster Hollywood way, just in a laid back but still pretty polished way. ANY-WAY, moving along… [click to continue…]


Sundays are my favorite.

by tatiana on August 15, 2010

Always full of reading, watching movies (or catching up on Mad Men!), and crocheting – why can’t everyday be Sunday?

Today we went to Ike’s Place, which according to this article, will be closing soon. We had to get our fix. I finally switched up my usual order of the SF Giants sandwich and got the Menage a trois. SO good. The other half will be my dinner. I can’t even think about Ike’s Place closing up shop. I really hope they move to NOE VALLEY!


Happy Monday, kids. I thought I’d share a web banner that I made tonight for the good folks who are organizing International Beer Day. [click to continue…]


Friday Inspiration: Choward's Old Timey Candy

by tatiana on February 5, 2010

What kind of name is Choward’s? Why does this look like a package of cough drops? Stop asking questions and just eat them.

I picked these up at the hardware store earlier and was a little too excited about my find. The packaging is really beautiful. It was an impulse purchase (as candy most often is) and I devoured them all. It’s basically a pack of sweet tarts, except you only have the lemon kind. These are a little less sweet than Sweet Tarts, which is nice, because if you eat them quickly (like I did) you won’t get a tummy ache.