Jewelry by LuShae: From Chunky and Fab to… Promise Rings*

by tatiana on November 11, 2010

I know, I know. A promise ring is an idea that is as dated as a hope chest, but much like the hope chest, some people still invest in them… and LuShae sells them. So eat your heart out, kids!

For those of us who just want a place online to find a myriad of jewelry styles to peruse while half watching the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, there’s Jewelry by LuShae. Her pieces are actually really amazing. I’m not gonna lie, some of the pieces look a little 1987, but who knows, the late 80s are back in style, maybe. The dated styles aside, there are also some amazing pieces… like the Matte Squares Ring which I actually fell in love with and now own. Ain’t it pretty?

The shopping experience on was absolutely pleasant and flawless as far as ordering goes. I instantly received a confirmation email with my order number, then an email when the ring shipped, THEN when it arrived, the ring was in a chic, sturdy ring box, perfect if the ring is a gift… it’s all ready to go! My only critique about the site is the fact that it looks like it was made using a template of some sort. They don’t have a logo, and their URL doesn’t match their business name. For those 3 reasons, the site made me feel weary that it’s a legitimate business, but it is, and hopefully they will make improvements soon that really reflect their customer service, because it is stellar.

I’ve been trying to stop wearing so many cameo-inspired rings, and also so much silver, so this ring makes for a nice change. It’s eye-catching yet not obnoxious (like a lot of my rings). It’s a classy piece that brings some modernity to my jewelry box. Jewelry by LuShae is a great place to find jewelry for women of any age.

* This is a sponsored post. My views/opinions about this product are 100% genuine. But remember, this post is based on my opinion, not facts based on science.

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