Indie Designer Spotlight: Canadian Edition

by tatiana on July 6, 2009

The other day I had the pleasure of hearing about a neat online company called FashionCan that helps independent designers set up and manage an online boutique. I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised by what I found there.


FashionCan currently hosts boutiques for 10 independent designers, my favorites being: House of Spy, Valerie Dumaine, and Elroy Apparel. Their garments are a bit on the pricey side, but that comes with purchasing and supporting independent designers. Aside from the pricey aspect, the pieces from these three previously mentioned designers are incredibly inspiring. These three have very unique points of view when it comes to silhouettes and the girl they are aiming to dress. Here are my favorite pieces:

The Zoe Dress by House of Spy

I usually am not a big fan of white.I am super clumsy, and am ambivalent about wearing white for I fear the inevitable ketchup or coffee stain. But this dress looks so comfortable, and effortless, that I just might put my fears aside. Livin on the edge! That’s right. I love the unfinished look on the sleeves and bottom of this dress. It’s the perfect summer dress for frolicking in a field of poppies, and then falling asleep, sleep. Poppies will make you sleeeep.

The Agnes Dress by Valerie Dumaine

First of all, this model is gorgeous. Perfect styling, so kudos to Miss Dumaine! This dress is a great, great example of a modern take on vintage style. The 1940’s top, with the modern just-above-the-knee length of the bottom. Great color, great shapes, which hint at the always classic and chic, nautical look.

The Nepeta Dress by Elroy Apparel

I want this dress. I am OBSESSED with pockets right now, as I think many gals are. This is the perfect “little black dress” for us non-conventional types. The sleeves are great for those of us who have broad shoulders, and the length is perfect with a pair of opaque colored tights (or netted, or patterned tights). The possibilities are endless with this dress. It can be styled so many different ways. Definitely classic. This piece will be able to be worn throughout the coming decades. You can take my word for it.

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