I Saw the Sign: Haight Edition

by tatiana on November 2, 2009


Photo Credit: Evening Standard/Getty Images

When I think of The Haight, my mind goes to a place where I’m sure many others’ minds go as well. A place where acid trips and nudity go hand in hand with co-operative living situations and free love. I’m sure these things still occur here, and probably all over our lovely city, but on this particular day, on this particular stroll down Haight street, I got the impression that this neighborhood, although its rich history is palpable, has gone through some changes. Times change, as they say, and that change has left us with a living ghost town of sorts of a time that most of us wish we could have lived through. But since we have not yet invented time machines, we can just visit these places where significance took place and imagine what once was.


Once upon a time there was a lady of the night named Chartreuse. She would walk up and down Haight street searching, not only for customers, but for her true love. She never found him, but she did find her bottom half stuck in a window one morning after too many mint juleps and special truffles. She struggled and cried out for someone to bring her butter or vaseline so she could shimmy out of this predicament. She was unlucky in her endeavors and was stuck… forever. Historians have preserved her bottom half, and if you walk down Haight street, you can say hello to Chartreuse’s well preserved vag.


This sign is pretty sweet. I would get a tattoo here. Their sign is beautiful, it’s probably a good indication that their work is beautiful as well.


I’m not one of those girls who goes gaga over lingerie shops. Under garments are a necessity, not much more to me. But the sign for Dollhouse Bettie was so adorable, I had to stop and admire the sign and the shop as a result. So cute.


I have never been to Earthsong but this sign is gorgeous, elegant, detailed and attractive.


This was my favorite sign in the Haight. I don’t think you can ever go wrong referencing a Russian graphic designer. (Alexander Rodchenko to be exact). Mexican and Russian design aesthetics collide. A perfect combination if I do say so myself.

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Chandra November 3, 2009 at 4:46 am

OOOH Balazo, thats where we ate. Not Batara lol!


tatiana November 4, 2009 at 4:20 am

Oh! Awesome. Now I know that it’s good and that I should try it! :)


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