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by tatiana on August 18, 2009


Happy Tuesday everyone! Everyday I read my beloved Google Reader over coffee. It’s seriously one of the things I look forward to everyday. A compilation of all of my favorite blogs and people. Today I found this survey on Jaime’s blog and decided to post my answers here. It was nice taking a break out of my day to think about these things. Here we go!

8 things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Going to Vegas this weekend. (second time this month!)
  2. Visiting my good friend from Seattle with another good friend in San Francisco in a few weeks!
  3. Finishing Devil in the White City (I have 6 pages left!)
  4. Completing the two websites I’ve been developing/designing.
  5. Finally getting to the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor that need some serious upcycling.
  6. Getting my car washed again. I love it more when it’s shiny and smells like VanillaBerry
  7. Hanging out at Starbucks in the desert and getting random visits from friends.
  8. More post-its from Katrina!

8 things i did yesterday:

1.  Watched 500 Days of Summer interviews on Youtube with my sister.

2.  Ate some taquitos with my mom’s homemade guacamole.

3.  Listened to the Rachel Maddow show on my iPhone.

4.  Finished Season 5 of Entourage. (It was so good! I love Turtle!)

5. Worked on beautifying our promotional materials at work. :)

6. Had an uncomfortable encounter with a rolypoly.

7. Learned about gluten-free foods.

8. Ate pizza for breakfast.

8 things i wish i could do:

1.  Speak Spanish and Russian fluently.

2.  Be more informed about foreign politics. (Or, be able to read about them without getting really bored).

3.  Program in PHP, Javascript and ActionScript 3.0.

4.  Not blush when speaking in front of a group of people.

5.  Travel for free.

6.  Do a cartwheel.

7. Have lunch with Frida Kahlo and/or Yoko Ono.

8.  Get California to spend tax dollars on better public transportation for the Inland Empire and High Desert.

8 TV shows i watch:

These are the shows I have been watching lately, and are not necessarily my favorite shows of all time.

1.  Entourage

2.  How I Met Your Mother

3.  30 Rock

4.  Sex and the City

5. True Blood

6.  America’s Best Dance Crew

7.  Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

8.  Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

8 things i collect:

1.  Books – Particularly design books. I feel like I may need them at any moment in time. Which is silly, because I can find a lot of info online.

2.  I used to collect concert tickets, but I recently started throwing them away. I have been into getting rid of clutter lately.

3.  Any magazine with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. It’s kinda embarrassing, but I don’t care. I love Sex and the City and pretty much any film she does (except for that one with Matthew McConaghey. YUCK!)

4.  Yarn – I really like buying yarn when I travel.

5.  DVDs – I don’t collect these impulsively; I’m pretty selective about my collection. I am by no means a film snob, or maybe I am a little, but I like to buy movies that I know I will watch over and over again. I never buy anything I’ll only watch once. It’s a waste of space.

6.  Design magazines that contain either really good tutorials or really good interviews that I deem inspiring.

7.  Notes from class in college. I seriously have ALL OF MY NOTEBOOKS from every class I took at UCI. I have this paranoia that one day I might want to go back to school and I’ll want to go over EVERYTHING I learned. Sounds crazy. It is crazy. But I don’t care. I paid a lot of money to take those notes.

8.  Art books. My favorites include my Suffragette Feminist Art Book, another Feminist Art History book, a Soviet Avante Garde film poster book, and Isms – another art history book.

Okeedokee, your turn next!  Answer in the comments, or leave a link to your answers elsewhere! Yay surveys.

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Guava August 19, 2009 at 4:24 pm

I have all my college notes partly for that but mostly because they’re so pretty and organized and colorful and I feel like I might make a major art project out of my doodles one day… hehe….


tatiana August 19, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Ooh! Not a bad idea. Good to know I’m not the only person still hoarding mine!


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