Hot like Mexico, Rejoice

by tatiana on June 2, 2010

Much a-buzz this week on the interwebs, as you may or may not have noticed, is the anticipation of Lady Gaga’s new video to be released Monday, June 7th for her single “Alejandro” from Fame Monster.

“Alejandro” has to be my least favorite song on Fame Monster, BUT I am nonetheless excited about the video. I missed the sneak-peak on Letterman and will have to check it out later, but from what I’ve read, the video has a “homoerotic military” theme. Sounds spicy. This song is in some ways reminiscent of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita,” and before reading about the video, I imagined it to be a little more cinematic and Italian neo-realist (a la “Paparazzi”, but better filmed). I found this photo (above) via a Google image search that matches the video in my mind. Molto bella, no?

Last week (funny enough) while in the theater waiting to watch Sex and the City 2, my friend Kate and I started talking about how she recently became a fan of Gaga. We talked about why movies like SATC2 or the music of Gaga was so entertaining, while at the same time seemingly superficial and sugary, and how do we, as intelligent, educated women defend spending our dollars and investing our time in this “stuff”. Well, the answer is that sometimes (not really with SATC2, that discussion is for another blog entry entirely), you just have to respect someone who has the ability to create something that attracts the masses in a way makes them feel like the artist is speaking specifically to them. I feel like Gaga is a symbol of justification for the “outsiders” of society. Just watch Gaga’s interview on Oprah and after you’ve surprised yourself by crying, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ultimately, (I know, I’ve gone on a tangent) regardless of what has been said, I think Gaga is talented (please watch her acoustic performances of “Paparazzi” or “Poker Face” on YouTube). And really, she’s  just a lot of fun.

ANYWAY, “Alejandro,” Monday, video will be released. I wonder if any of her outfits will top this one:

We’ll see!

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