Gallery Hoppin': Downtown SF/Geary St.

by tatiana on January 21, 2011

Has it been a week since I embarked on this gallery hoppin’ journey? Yes. Yes it has. Sheesh. Sorry I’m not the fastest blogger. This entry is about my adventures hoppin’ through the galleries in downtown SF along Geary St. with none other than my fab cousin Ryan (who is also a fine artist!). It was neat having him around to point out artwork made by his friends or professors in these beautiful galleries (with marble elevators… “The epitome of fance.” as Siddiq might describe them).

Ed Moses in the Brian Gross Fine Art Gallery

This was probably my favorite piece that we saw that day. I love lace, antiques and floral wallpaper and this is a nice visual merge of those three elements. Too bad I don’t have an extra $42,000 laying around.

Tracey Snelling’s Work in the Rena Bransten Gallery

While the above lace piece was my favorite of the day, this was probably my favorite show. Although the pieces were quirky and reflections of low-end everyday shops/gas stations/motels, the lady at the front desk was incredibly rigid: no smiles, very monosyllabic, very laaaaame. I mean, come on. You’re in a gallery surrounded by donuts, dollar store kitsch and mini Wal-Marts – have a sense of humor.

Tracey Snelling’s Work in the Rena Bransten Gallery

Take a close look at the motel windows! Yes, that IS Vince Vaughn in Swingers. Yeow yeow.

Tracey Snelling’s Work in the Rena Bransten Gallery

Fun “gift shop” in the middle of the gallery filled with random toys and knick knacks.

Katy Brannan’s Work in the Fraenkel Gallery

I’m a pretty big John Waters fan, and amongst the wall covered with these framed illustrations I totally spotted Divine from across the room and immediately ran over to take a picture.

Katy Brannan’s Work in the Fraenkel Gallery

The same thing happened with this little gal. :) So, if you find yourself in Union Square feeling bombarded by Aldo and Gap advertisments, hop over to Geary St. and check out the galleries. They seem quite intimidating at first, but art doesn’t exist solely to be purchased. It exists for so many other reasons as well: to explore new ideas, to have a visual escape from the everyday, to inspire us, to laugh, or, heck, maybe even to intimidate us. Altogether this was a fun experience. Thanks, Ryan for being my Geary gallery guide!

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