Do It Yourself: Ombré Hair (Aka Hair Science)

by tatiana on October 2, 2012

Last week, in both an attempt to save a few bills and make my hair color a little easier to maintain, I decided to ask my friend to help me “ombré” my hair (if that’s even a verb!).

$40 and a blog tutorial later, we were able to get the look I wanted! My friend did a really great job. Here’s the tutorial we used: I slightly modified it because I a.) have a LOT of hair, and b.) my hair is a lot lighter than the girl’s in the tutorial.


Before and after

We started by dying my hair back to my natural color – I used Clairol’s Dark Rich Neutral Blonde (I bought 2 bottles & a bottle of 10 Volume Creme Developer). We waited a few days to give my hair a break, and then dove in with the blue bleach + 30 Volume Creme Developer. I wish I’d purchased 3 packs of bleach, but I only bought two. In the end it worked out because the blonde is a little streaked, and blended a little better. I was trying to avoid a harsh line of blonde. We bleached my hair twice. I think next time I’d like the bleach to go up a little higher. My friend was adamant about going higher but I was too scared! I should have just trusted her.

Anyway, I would recommend doing this on your own at home. If you’re only doing the bleach (plus blue shampoo or additional blonde hair dye to remove brassiness) this will only cost you around $20 at Sally Beauty Supply… and about 2-3 hours of your time (and a friend’s time, if you’re like me and can’t dye your hair yourself because there’s too much of it). It’s well worth it considering I would have paid at LEAST $160 at my local salon for everything I needed done (a friend of mine paid around $200 for the same thing). Beauty/hair experiments can be painful (for your wallet) but it doesn’t have to be that way if you get a little creative (and ballsy)!

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