Chance of Flurries Hat

by tatiana on June 2, 2013

Chance of Flurries Beanie | Lion Brand Pattern |

It’s been a while since I’ve knit a hat, so after a quick search on Ravelry for a pattern that looked like it would be fun to make, I went with the Chance of Flurries Hat pattern. It’s very similar to another pattern I purchased a while ago (A Most Bespeckcled Hat by Alexandra Tinsley), but soon after I’d purchased it I realized that I didn’t have circular needles in the size that the pattern called for, so this free Lion Brand pattern worked with the supplies and tools I already had. (I plan to knit the other one soon as well, and am excited to compare the two. It’ll be a pattern show down!)

Chance of Flurries Beanie | Lion Brand Pattern |

I know what you must be thinking — summer is approaching! Why are you knitting a beanie at this time of year? Well, dollies, 1.) it’s cold here year-round, and 2.) you can never have enough beanies, especially beanies with pom-poms on top.

Chance of Flurries Beanie | Lion Brand Pattern |

I’m happy with the way this beanie came out, the pattern is super cute, but unfortunately after I blocked it and tried it on I realized it doesn’t fit my head comfortably. The top is a little too tight. Luckily I have an adorable (and hip!) little cousin who this should fit perfectly, and I’ll be sending it to her this week.  I’m hoping that the Bespeckled pattern will fit a little better so it can keep me warm at all of the Film Nights in the Park I plan to attend.

Chance of Flurries Beanie | Lion Brand Pattern |

A happy San Francisco Summer, from me to you. ;)

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