My First Trip to the Goodwill Marketplace, and Some Thrifting Tips |

As many of you might know, I’m a big fan of thrifting. The love for digging for treasures started sometime around high school in Victorville, California where I grew up. This was before you could buy things online, so my options fashion-wise were limited to the mall in my hometown, or traveling to the Inland Empire or LA for more unique finds. Instead, my sisters and I would head over to our favorite thrift store (which has been closed now for about 5 years), which was huge and was the source of many amazing finds — items I still have and wear today.

In college, my thrifting adventures continued in Orange County, at shops like ARC or Lincoln Thrift (now closed). I found that the pricing at stores that were not Goodwill or Salvation Army tended to be a lot lower. Once I moved to San Francisco, my cravings for a day of thrifting didn’t quite go away, but my trips were less gratifying since shops in the Mission were highly picked over and items were pricier, and in my opinion not worth it.

Stephanie & Melissa of The Fashion Citizen

Stephanie & Melissa – The Fashion Citizen

Fast forward to about a month ago. I discovered The Fashion Citizen on YouTube and could not stop watching their thrift haul videos. Through these videos I learned about Savers, and the concept of a Goodwill Marketplace (also known as Goodwill As Is, or by-the-pound stores). I traveled to Berkeley with a friend to a newly opened Savers and found so many great pieces that I felt back in my element.

Last weekend I traveled down to Southern California for a wedding, and I had a day of free time, so I decided to check out the Goodwill Marketplace in Santa Ana (Orange County). Goodwill Marketplace is where Goodwill sends all of the pieces that did not sell in their stores. There are two sections: one side is for auctions (they auction furniture and large bins of items, kind of like Storage Wars), and the other side is where you can buy items for $2.50 a pound.

My First Trip to the Goodwill Marketplace, and Some Thrifting Tips |

It’s important to note that this is really a place for serious thrifters. I know a lot of people who don’t have the patience to go to a regular thrift store, to go through racks and racks of clothing to find gems. This place is probably a nightmare for those folks — but so much fun for me! When you walk in you’re greeted with about 20 bins filled with clothing. The clothing isn’t separated at all, in each bin you’ll find a melange of mens, womens and childrens clothing. My strategy was to start at the beginning and look at every piece on my left and then toss it to the right.

My First Trip to the Goodwill Marketplace, and Some Thrifting Tips |

I even stumbled upon some nice vintage pieces. Check out those tags!

Here are a few tips for shopping at a by-the-pound Goodwill:

1.) They pull out fresh bins every half hour or so.
If you’re a newbie (like I was), and it’s crowded, I would recommend NOT trying to look through new bins when they’re first brought to the floor. There were a lot of women who looked like they would shank a bitch for a lightly used J. Crew sweater. Take advantage of checking out all of the other bins during this time.

2.) Food and drink aren’t allowed inside.
But you’re going to get thirsty, especially if you’re there for two hours like I was. I’d suggest bringing a water bottle in your purse.

3.) There are no fitting rooms.
This is how I ended up buying some pieces that didn’t fit me. But really, everything is so cheap, that I wasn’t too bummed out about it.

4.) If you see a potentially cute item, just grab it and edit your basket down later.
If you see an item you like, chances are it won’t be there for very long. Throw it in your basket and think about it later. I initally grabbed around 30 items and then edited down to 16.

5.) Like going to any thrift store, thoroughly inspect your items.
Sometimes, thrift finds ARE too good to be true. Always be on the lookout for broken zippers, missing buttons, or tiny holes.

6.) Hand sanitizer is your friend.
I was really bummed that I’d switched purses before my trip and didn’t have my hand sanitizer with me. The clothing you’re going through is sometimes not clean. Also, many hands have been all up in the bins. ALSO, you might come across a questionable crusty substance. But don’t let this deter you! Just push it aside and keep digging. Like I said earlier, this kind of thrifting experience is not for everyone.

Here’s a quick Vine video I put together with my finds at the Goodwill Marketplace. A few of them I picked up for my more fashionable (and thinner) sisters, but I’m mostly stoked about the rad blue floral dress and sweater I found, and the burnt orange skirt. For the 16 items I found, I paid $18. That comes to about $1.10 a piece. Not bad! It would’ve been a lot less if I didn’t buy those jeans that ended up not fitting, but that’s ok.

Do you have any favorite thrift stores in Southern California or the Bay Area that I should check out? Let me know!


Current Obsession: Old Timey Phones

by tatiana on December 10, 2009


Photo Credit: (

This current obsession occurred a mere 30 seconds ago. Seriously. I think it would be a hilarious and awesome addition to my apartment. An old timey phone just for decoration. Really, would anything be cooler?

Jack Haley in all his handsome glory

Ok, I can think of one thing that might be cooler. If Jack Haley rose from the grave and showed up at my apartment to serenade me. Ahhhhh. (swoons)


fabricPintucksew Vintage Fabric

I stumbled upon that Lucy Liu quote online today and couldn’t stop laughing. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating. It was more of a snicker, and it was quite short.

Anyway! Happy Friday guys and dolls. As I sit here sipping my Ice Blended White Mocha beverage, I can’t help but be thankful to be indoors today. It has been around 100 degrees everyday this week. Too hot to handle, fo sho.

My lovely Aunt who lives in the beautiful city of Pasadena emailed me with this neat blog to check out today:


They have two etsy shops: one that sells vintage fabric (pintucksew), and one that sells apparel (pintuckstyle). I was already planning a thrifting adventure tomorrow, so looking through their shop is definitely inspiring my wish list.


Pintuckstyle 1940s-Inspired 1980s Vintage Dress

I absolutely love the fabric that you see at the beginning of this entry. I wish they had more than half a yard. Wouldn’t that be adorable as a short, elastic banded skirt? I wonder if you’re getting the same visual as I am, and if you are, isn’t it cute!? Haha. Also, this dress is great, but would look ridiculous on me, as I have broader shoulders. But I love it anyway.  I would probably remove the sleeves.

That’s all for now. Keep cool out there, kittens!


Just wanted to showcase a few of my favorite bands who are absolutely fantastic and deserve your attention. Each is incredibly unique and brings something special to the music world and the lives of those who give them a listen. These bands are so inspiring to me and I hope they inspire you as well!

Rasputina – Ahhhh, Rasputina. With the sweet and raspy contrast of your cellos. This innovative threesome uses distortion with their cellos to take the listener on a dark yet beautiful victorian journey, where opium, and antiquated medical procedures still seem to be relevant topics of discussion. Fun Fact: Rasputina has opened for many bands, most notably Marilyn Manson. Melora also toured with Nirvana as their celloist.

Now, continuing through the timeline we have Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. Bringing us the hits from 1910-1940, listening to their music (or even seeing them live) is what I would imagine time travel to be like. I have seen them twice at the Steven Allen Theater in Los Angeles, and they were great! The band is so happy-go-lucky and everyone walked out of the theater with a smile on their face.

Next and last on my list (for now) is Camera Obscura. Back in the day when my college roommate’s boyfriend used to spoil her with various mix cds, I would often find myself in her car benefitting from his thoughtful endeavors! Once upon a time we were in her car and this sweet-sounding voice came dancing through the speakers and I was instantly in love. I listen to Camera Obscura when I’m happy, when I’m sad, and when I’m indifferent. They make any drive more enjoyable and for some reason make me want to go thrift shopping.


From Chaos Comes Clarity

by tatiana on June 30, 2008

So, after seeing 311 this past Saturday night, I can pretty much die a very very happy lady. I rocked out to the songs that got me through high school, and totally remembered why I loved them so much. I, sadly, had slightly forgotten. In anticipation of the sounds of 311 taking me back to my high school state of mind, I wore my bright red Converse sneakers just as an inside joke to myself.

In other news, my roommate and I went to the Long Beach Antique Market on Sunday and boy oh boy was it hot!
Fra-gee-lee… that must be Italian
I don’t know why… but I assumed it would be indoors so I didn’t wear any sunblock. Needless to say my skin is pretty mad at me today. BUT I found a lot of great deals. I was surprised by the wide variety of goodies the Antique Market vendors had to offer. From vintage clothing to old comic books and action figures. There was something for everyone. My favorite find of the day was a Paul de Longpre framed print for only $5. Yeow Yeow. All in all good times were had.

Anyhoo, it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, so here’s a little visual update:

Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit, Chandra Mallaroy, Harajuku Charm Doll Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit, Disney Costume ReDesign
Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit

Otis College of Art and Design Senior Exhibit Rocking out to Nephilim.

Helping the sister re-vamp an old thrift store shirt Experimenting with screenprinting

Being a good Bridal Shower co-host These sandwiches were my fave.


Ancient Renaissance man climbed rocks for exercise… I guess.

So, I went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire for the first time ever this past Sunday. Why it had to be a record breaking 100+ degrees that day is beyond me, but I came home appreciating the fact that I don’t actually live in the Renaissance times. I would be pretty sad if I could only take one shower per year. And probably really grumpy.

Sanitation aside, I had a pretty great two hours at the Faire. I did a lot of people watching, and was amazed at how animated the cast members were considering the sweltering heat and layers of Renaissance garb. Kudos to you guys for keeping the magic alive. So be sure to visit the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! If only for the giant swing that only costs 300 pence and the boobs (if you’re into that). I recommend planning on going on a cooler day or later in the day for ultimate comfort, and minimal sunburning.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

15501 E. Arrow Highway
Irwindale, CA 91706

April 5th – May 18th, 2008

How much?
Adults – $25
Kiddies (Ages 5 – 12) – $15

I STILL don’t get it.
Basket people?
I’m sure you’re wondering what motivated me to go to the Renaissance Faire and spend 2 hours of my Sunday in the hot hot heat. Well, it all comes down to two things: I love crafts. And the Renaissance Faire was full of vendors who had tons of unique goodies to offer and display. Secondly, I love anything that is themed. Just ask my college roommates. I love themed parties, themed movie nights, you name it. So any chance to dress up or make an unusual outfit is right up my alley.

Anyway, here are some photos from the Faire. Enjoy and fare thee well! I must away!

A hat tree.

This lady was so dainty on her little piano.