Let’s Get Emotional. Together.

by tatiana on November 20, 2013

Thomas Jayyyyy

If you’re a regular listener of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, you’re probably familiar with the episode a few weeks ago where they talked about “Pop Culture That Makes Us Cry.” As many of my friends and family are aware, although I keep pretty cool in most situations (I like to think I have a good poker face, but I probably don’t), I’m a sucker for sentiment. The PCHH folks discussed the different films, film scores, songs and other things that make them emotional. Some of those things make them emotional because of a memory or an association from their own lives that they relate to that bit of pop culture.

Well folks, I decided to make my own list of Pop Culture that makes me cry. In no particular order, they are: [click to continue…]


I still feel pretty new to San Francisco and sometimes long for the days back in SoCal when my friends and I would hop in the car and shimmy up the 405 from Orange County to Los Angeles to see a show… it felt like this was on a bi-weekly basis. And I’m not complaining, but since I’ve moved here, I feel like fun live music is more difficult to find, but I have only myself to blame for this. [click to continue…]


Last fall I BARTed over to the Fox Theater in Oakland to see the oh-so-talented and amazing The xx. My friend Meg and I were fortunate to catch the opening band – Warpaint, a mellow all-girl band with really pretty harmonious voices and expert guitar riffs  – with surprise screaming rock out moments here and there. We were instantly in love. Fast forward to around 6 months later, and we’re watching them headline a sold out show at The Independent in San Francisco. I don’t know them personally, but I felt so fucking proud of them. [click to continue…]


I hope you all had a happy hump day. Today was so weird! I always tend to have my most vivid dreams right before waking up in the morning, and this morning’s dream seemed so real that I woke up really confused. The rest of the day sped by even though I felt like I didn’t accomplish much… even though I accomplished everything I planned on accomplishing. Are you confused yet? Good. Here’s to the week almost being over!

In other news, if you haven’t heard already, She & Him released a video for their song Don’t Look Back today, which is totally NOT weird. Watch it, watch it! So pretty, and I really need to learn that dance.

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.


Sick Daze

by tatiana on November 17, 2010

I seemed to have caught “that thing going around.” There always seems to be something going around and normally I’m pretty good at dodging it. Not this time! Friggin. Anyway, having the day “off” I finally had time to download and listen to the new Girl Talk album, All Day. Go download it ASAP! It will brighten your tissue and phlegm-filled day… at least, it brightened mine. Also, I heard a rumor from a bearded bird that he will be playing at the Fox Theater in March. I can’t wait to get sweaty and have the time of my life a second time!


Morning Tunes: The Books

by tatiana on November 13, 2010

I recently acquired the new Books album, The Way Out. It’s pretty fantastic and you should give it a listen. But because I feel like it, I’m sharing my favorite song from their album The Lemon of Pink. Ladies and gents, I give you Tokyo. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


Rainy Day Schedule

by tatiana on November 7, 2010

Today the mister and I were going to pay a visit to the Exploratorium since I’ve never been. (TACTILE DOME! I wanna touch-a touch-a touch-a touch things in the dark.) But the weather is poopy so, next time. That’s ok, though. I have way too much to do. I might have to head to the Mission at some point to buy some liner fabric. In the meantime, my To Do list includes making coffee, breakfast, and listen to more Joanna Newsom – she’s so perfect for a rainy day.

Sawdust and Diamonds by Joanna Newsom


Wednesday Inspiration: Clay Bodies by Zola Jesus

by tatiana on October 13, 2010

I just got home from sushi (at Sushi Time) with delightful friends. It was a delicious meal full of colorful conversation, most excitedly about music. But, apparently Zola Jesus, who I saw open for The xx a few weeks ago, will be playing at Milk Bar in San Francisco this Friday night. I found this amaaaaazing video on youtube and had to share. The lace, the imagery, the mise-en-scène (if you wanna get fancy), THE SONG, absolutely beautiful.


I Think We're Superstars

by tatiana on September 23, 2010

Tonight is the night. THE night of the XX show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Saying ‘I’m excited’ would be a bit of an understatement at this point. I’ve been fortunate to go to a handful of great shows lately (Dreamgirls, Man Man, The Tallest Man on Earth) and I think this one will be the delicious cherry on top of my September extracurricular activities.


Zero Days of Summer: The Playlist

by tatiana on September 9, 2010

(Photo Credit: weheartit)

Howdy, kids! I know my last post was music-related, but here’s a lil playlist I put together today.

Get a playlist!

So, as some of you may know, summer has not quite hit San Francisco – it’s been 65 degrees and cloudy for the last 3 months. As such, I’m trying to keep the summer spirit alive (and hopefully not get too mopey with my vitamin D deficiency) in hopes that it will be warm and sweater-free soon (at least for a few weeks) with these songs that remind me of summertime. Enjoy!