Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Last Friday I attended my cousin’s solo show opening at Mark Wolfe Contemporary in downtown San Francisco. I’ve written about my cousin Ryan Martin many times before and am a big fan of his work (and not just because he’s my cousin!). So many friends, coworkers and family members showed up that it just felt like a big party, which was great.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary | Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary | Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary | Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

It’s fun talking to my cousin about his work and his process. As a graphic designer who focuses mostly on web interfaces and communication design, it’s interesting to hear my cousin’s answers to questions that illustrate just how different creating art can be than designing for a client, at least in my experience. I remember asking him about why he chose a specific color and texture in one of his pieces and he responded “I don’t know, it just felt right.” With communication design, I feel like every design decision is made to fulfill an objective or purpose, and it’s fun to recognize the differences between designing for usability vs. creating art for the sake of creating something beautiful, or to convey a message in an entirely different way. It’s incredibly inspiring.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Portraits of George and Mike Kuchar

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Ryan Martin with underground film actress (and all around amazing lady) Linda Martinez and her portrait, and my lovely Aunt Val (Ryan’s mother)

Being someone who spends the majority of her time behind a computer, or at a desk, it’s refreshing to get out of my office or apartment to take in some new visual inspiration, and Ryan’s work is always that for me. His use of color is bold and fearless. The subjects and themes of his pieces can be fun at first glance, but draw you in and the longer you stare at them, the more thought provoking they become. He is truly an expert at his craft, but it’s wonderful to see him grow and evolve as an artist. This show was a great example of that. One major focus was the 37 Portraits of Julian Larach. Just as the title explains, he painted 37 portraits with varying scenes and themes with one model. And luckily for the opening night attendees, Julian was there!

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

I encourage everyone to check out Ryan’s show if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area. And if you’re unable to check out his show, check out your local art galleries! Seeing art in person is such a rich experience, and guess what friends, it’s free. Learn about the artists in your area, figure out what you’re drawn to, and follow those artists on Facebook and Instagram, send them messages of encouragement. If you’re lucky and discover an artist earlier in their career, you might be able to purchase one of their pieces. The world can be a scary place a lot of the time, and it’s truly a gift that there are so many people who are selfless enough to share their talents with all of us. That definitely should be celebrated.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Photo credit: All photos taken by Ali

To view more of Ryan’s work, visit, or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |


Monday Inspiration: Ulyana Sergeenko

by tatiana on April 28, 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko

I’d first learned about Ulyana Sergeenko via a few photos floating around Pinterest. The one that stood out the most to me was the photo above. It totally captured a modern interpretation of old world Russian style and beauty. I became obsessed and recently watched her Fall 2013 runway show (which is one of my favorites) and wanted to share it here — if only to make it easier for me to watch over and over again.

Ulyana Sergeenko is a Russian model and street style maven cum couturier. She was a collector of couture, which she wore fabulously, and just has a great sense of style that street style photographers seemed to gravitate towards (which is one of my goals in life, I mean, because why not).

Ulyana Sergeenko Street Style

Inspiration for her designs range from Russian fairy tales, to Anna Karenina to the American Civil War, which are evident in these looks below.

Ulyana Sergeenko



Her most recent collection is less whimsical but still incredibly elegant and reminiscent of 1940s glam (view her S/S 2014 collection here). I’m excited to see what’s in store for her future collections.

Ulyana Sergeenko


FOG Design + Art Fair

by tatiana on January 19, 2014

Above piece: The Future Perfect

This weekend I was fortunate to have two passes to the FOG Design + Art Fair at Fort Mason in San Francisco, so I brought my friend who’s currently attending the Masters of Architecture program at CCA. I figured she’d be a great person to geek out over some good design & art with, and she was! We had a blast, and found the event incredibly inspiring. Here are some highlights from the day (both inside and outside the fair):


The weather was PERFECTION on Saturday. I’m so glad I brought my camera along. You can see Alcatraz in the distance.



After taking many photos of the water and generally marveling at how beautiful it was outside, we finally found our way into the event. The above piece, “Girls at War” by Beth Katleman, was pretty incredible in person.


Pieces in the Ratio 3 booth (a local San Francisco gallery).


Airbnb built miniatures based on real vacation rental properties available through their site.


Quick coffee & snack break, indulging in goodies from Jane (hey, favorite cafe on Fillmore Street!).



The piece above and the interactive installation below are works by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell.



We attended Craig Dykers’ talk on the Architecture of Engagement and the new SFMOMA Expansion. Craig Dykers is a principal architect at Snøhetta, the Oslo-based architecture & design office working on SFMOMA as well as the new Warriors Pavilion near the Bay Bridge. It was inspiring to see Snøhetta’s plans for SFMOMA, and the philosophies & research behind those plans, and fun to get some sneak peeks of how the space will evolve.




We left just in time to enjoy golden hour – which made the already beautiful day look even more spectacular.


FOG Design + Art


Monday Inspiration: Tin Can Identity

by tatiana on May 27, 2013

I stumbled upon this video on Logo Design Love and had to share. I’ve never seen a brand identity presented in video form. Pretty brilliant.


I typically don’t post “life coach-y” things on my blog (at least I don’t think I do…), but lately I’ve become a fan of Marie Forleo’s YouTube Channel and blog. She’s a savvy (and charming) businesswoman who answers her readers’ questions and often has guests on her program to help give advice.

One of those guests (who is probably my favorite to date) is Dr. Cathy Collaut. 1.) Her advice is totally on point and reminds me a little of a book I read that explains the idea of the “upper limit problem” (although she doesn’t explicitly address this in this video), 2.) while her advice may start to sound a little new age-y from time to time, she uses science to back up her arguments, which I appreciate, and 3.) her outfit is super cute.

So, give it a watch, enjoy, and I hope it inspires you to negotiate with your subconcious. Right now, my subconcious wants to go back to sleep, but hopefully this Earl Grey will convince it otherwise… any minute now…


Thursday Inspiration: Apartamento Magazine

by tatiana on January 3, 2013

I spotted this over on Megan Allan Cole’s blog this morning and it made me really happy. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of blogs and Pinterest boards full of inspiring images and neat ideas/arrangements/color palettes to really stop and just enjoy what already exists — instead of curating your space, cultivating a feeling and perhaps just noticing what you’ve already built and appreciating that.


Monday Inspiration: Tavi Gevinson

by tatiana on July 30, 2012

Have you heard of Tavi Gevinson? I heard about this fashion-blogging wunderkind a few years ago, but never took the time to check out her blog (or new online magazine!) until today. She started a fashion blog at the ripe age of 11 and has done great great things to make the internet a cooler place for girls, in my opinion.

Photo credit:

Anyway, on this Monday, the beginning of the work week, here’s a pretty video featuring the fierce Tavi.

For a glimpse of Tavi eloquently expressing her views on women and girls in the media and just “figuring things out,” check out this TED Talk.


I’m constantly poring over, seeking out and collecting books, magazines, and basically anything I find inspiring and neat. Here are some things I think are pretty neat at the moment:

1. FUDGE Snap Book 2012 (Spring & Summer) / NYLON Japan (June 2012) | 2. 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design by Stephen Heller & Veronique Vienne | 3. Collage Design Works by scrap-graphic | 4. ELLE Magazine (July 2012) | 5. The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (cover by Gregg Kulick — or someone at Harper Perennial) | 6. Computer Arts Collection – Branding 2012, Vol. 1, Part 4



Happy Sunday, kids. If you’re in San Francisco, I hope you’re enjoying the amaaaazing weather we’ve been having this weekend. And if you’re anywhere else in the country, you’re probably ready for autumn.

Anyway, this last week was pretty great. In between completing a smaller project and trying to finish up two bigger projects (that I’ll write about soon), I took a trip to IKEA and snatched up a really great dresser.

Left: Boxes and piles of yarn, vintage waiting to be altered/upcycled, and fabric. Right: The results of my organization efforts!

This sucker took 3 hours to build (and I missed the Tony Awards!) but it was totally worth it. I’d been using Rubbermaid bins to store my fabric, and my room feels so much more organized with everything nicely placed in this dresser (for now, at least). I even gave myself a Work In Progress drawer for all of those dresses I’ve yet to finish sewing (someday I will get to them!).

Aside from organizing like a maniac, I was able to check out The Cult of Beauty at the Legion of Honor yesterday (it closes today!), and I’m really happy that I went. One of the gals I went with is a Museum Studies grad student and encouraged us to pay the extra $7 for the audio tour. I’m usually pretty frugal, but I decided to live a little. I don’t think I can ever go to a museum again without an audio tour. It was like being accompanied by The History Channel. I loved it. Learned so much. Left feeling really inspired.

A great exhibit at the Legion of Honor followed by an epic picnic in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park

As you’re probably aware, today is Father’s Day! I wish I had a great picture of my Dad from the 80s to post here but I do not, so I’m posting this photo taken at breakfast the day after my sister’s wedding. (Although I really need to get my hands on my parents’ wedding photo which features my Dad in a kick ass white Saturday Night Fever-esque suit. It’s pretty boss.)

Twinsies! Also, my uncle’s hand is making a cameo.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Dad’s out there (including mine!). I’m really lucky to have such a funny, smart and caring Dad, and I hope he gets to see Prometheus today! :)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention… I got the opportunity to see American Idiot on Tuesday (opening night!) here in San Francisco at The Orpheum and the energy from that show has basically powered me through the week (as well as the soundtrack which I purchased on iTunes the day after). It was a phenomenal show. Very punk rock, but still very musical theater. Do go see it if you can. Also, Van Hughes, call me!

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Friday Inspiration: Cameos

by tatiana on May 20, 2011

The theme for this week’s inspiration comes from two places: the world of hip hop and the world of jewelry.

Here’s a video I took 2 years ago of Andy Milonakis making an appearance and impressing us with his skillz during Steve Aoki’s set at the MSTRKRFT record release party.

Next we have a piece from independent jewelry brand Trixie Mayhem that I stumbled upon on Facebook. Her jewelry is gorgeous and macabre, two of my favorite things:

Lastly, it’s Friday night, and although I took a two hour nap (on accident! my alarm never went off) I’m still a bit loopy. ALSO, I am still in the honeymoon phase with my new iMac… here it is in all its shiny, sleek glory:

And as a result of being too excited about my new computer AND a pair of super cute kitty headphones from Late to the Revolution, I decided to make this animated gif. Can you make a cameo in your own blog? Probably not I guess. Please note that this gif goes quite well with Breath by Telepopmusik (included below). You’re welcome.


P.S. I’ll finally post pictures from the photoshoot that happened last month (eek!) and photos from Unique LA soon! Stay tuned.