Again and again and again and again… or: How to Support the Arts from your Bedroom

by tatiana on October 23, 2007

This is totally me. Except I’m not a man. And I don’t own a Mac.

I totally have not been supporting the arts lately. I know I know, it’s horrible. I blame it on my three addictions, 1.) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , 2.) selling stuff on ebay, and 3.) If you haven’t checked out you should. Like right now. Everyone should buy handmade. Why? Because I said so. And mother earth will like you that much more.

So I know you’re totally asking yourself, why is Tatiana posting if she has nothing to tell us? Au contraire, mon chere! Although I have not been supporting les arts (I don’t even speak french, but it just feels right), I have beaucoup recommendations pour vous. I have pretty much been addicted to these bands for the past few weeks, and I think it’s time I shared them with you. I introduce you to your new favorite bands. :o) Or at least I hope…

Tokyo Police Club – Cheer it on

This is probably my favorite TPC song. I also appreciate their dedication in this video. They look like they’re really cold.

Grand Ole Party

So, usually when you go see a band you never really expect the opening acts to be any good. Right? I was totally underestimating the opening acts for the Rilo Kiley show I went to last week. Holy moly. Grand Ole Party was first up, and holy crap they were amazing. This was the best quality video I could find on youtube. Hopefully it does them justice. I <3 Grand Ole Party.

The Bird and the Bee – Again and Again

The Bird and the Bee also opened for Rilo Kiley, and like I told my concert buddy Hava, they were like the band version of a Disney cartoon. They were so magical, and dressed in bright colors. They just made me happy. And this song is probably familiar to you diehard Grey’s Anatomy fans. They put on a great live show that is reminiscent of the girl groups of yesteryear. The classic sounds of the piano paired with the in-your-face style lyrics make for the perfect listening experience. I think a dancing teddy bear onstage would have sealed the deal, but that’s just me.Add me on lastfm! Let’s be friends. I like to see what everyone is listening to. I’m nosey.

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