Adventures in Web & Logo Design: A+K Photography

by tatiana on July 4, 2012

A+K Photography Website Design

This snazzy little website is something I’ve been working on with the gorgeous and talented gals from A+K Photography (spoiler alert: they’re my sisters!). Around the end of May they decided that they wanted to move from a Facebook page to a website where they could post blog entries and present their photography in a gallery. They work out of Southern California, and like in any bustling area, I knew that they would have lots of local competition, so I wanted to design an elegant and clean website that would help convey their professionalism, excellent taste and modern edge.

We started with the logo. Initially they explained that they wanted something that they could turn into a stamp to brand their packaging (when they ship photos or cds to their clients). They also wanted their logo to looked vintage yet modern… which is a challenge in itself, so here’s what I came up with.

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

The official logo is this seal. It’s the most “complicated” of the three variations and the idea is to use it as a “seal” on the photos they use to promote their business (example below).

A+K Photography | Engagement Photo

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

This is the simpler version of the logo that the gals can use as a stamp if they’d like.

A+K Photography | Logo | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez

Lastly, this is the horizontal logo variation I used for their website. On the website I used inner shadow styling, which is the way it’s presented here.

Back to the website and A+K’s branding… I was really happy with their decision to use a bright teal. It’s a fun color that really pops when used against their black and white photos. I’m also happy they trusted me enough to let me make the background texture gray. Originally they wanted beige, but it frankly didn’t feel right. The beige not only clashed with the teal of the logo, but also with their beautiful photos. The focus was more on the background texture than their work, which was not what we wanted!

A+K Photography | Website designed by Tatiana Jimenez

All in all this was a really fun site to work on. I’ve never worked with my sisters in a professional capacity before, and am happy to say, we worked well together! I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished already in their careers (I think they’re fabulous photographers) and am excited to see where their business takes them!

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