Adventures in Map Design: Wedding Invitation Map

by tatiana on June 19, 2012

Wedding Invitation Map | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez |

This week I had the honor of designing a map to include in a wedding invitation for two good friends whose nuptials will be taking place in San Diego at the end of this year.

When they had initally asked me to design a map, they emailed a few they liked for inspiration. I really liked the idea of customizing the map to highlight not only the mandatory wedding stuff (i.e. hotels, parking, wedding venue, etc), but also highlight places that are unique to them and their relationship. So that’s what we did!

Wedding Invitation Map | Designed by Tatiana Jimenez |

I’m really happy with the way it came out. I designed this bad boy in Adobe Illustrator, and used the gorgeous Monte Carlo font, which can be found and purchased here from The map is not to scale (obviously) but I think it serves its purpose, is clean and elegant, and hopefully everyone will end up at the right place, on time!

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