Adventures in Identity Design: RVG Events

by tatiana on January 31, 2010

My good friend Richard, who is practically family, asked me to develop an identity for his new event planning company, RVG Events. So I started with the logo and then created the business card. Next on the list is a website, but I’ll update again when the site is live!

He explained that the logo should be: “Clean. Classy. Elegant. Fun… you know, like me!” You got it, dude. Here’s what I came up with…

Inspiration for the logo came not only from our email conversations about what he wanted, but also from the modern, sleek look of hip hop branding these days. I took a lot of cues from Richard’s personal style which is very urban, but incredibly tailored and classy. Cristal all around, baby. I wanted his branding to exude confidence, class and swagger.

With the design of his business card, even moreso than merely the logo, I wanted to establish the visual identity of RVG Events that I’ll eventually use when designing the website. Richard wanted me to use blue, but I feel like in the future for various events we can change the color as needed. It kind of serves the purpose of a condiment to the meat and potatoes that is the logo. A pop color that will change based on the event they’re working on, or the advertising they’re doing.

I’m sure the identity will evolve, as most do. I feel like this is a very strong and timeless look for RVG Events, and I’m really excited to see where they take their business. For more information about RVG Events, check out their facebook page.

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