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Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Last Friday I attended my cousin’s solo show opening at Mark Wolfe Contemporary in downtown San Francisco. I’ve written about my cousin Ryan Martin many times before and am a big fan of his work (and not just because he’s my cousin!). So many friends, coworkers and family members showed up that it just felt like a big party, which was great.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary | Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary | Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary | Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

It’s fun talking to my cousin about his work and his process. As a graphic designer who focuses mostly on web interfaces and communication design, it’s interesting to hear my cousin’s answers to questions that illustrate just how different creating art can be than designing for a client, at least in my experience. I remember asking him about why he chose a specific color and texture in one of his pieces and he responded “I don’t know, it just felt right.” With communication design, I feel like every design decision is made to fulfill an objective or purpose, and it’s fun to recognize the differences between designing for usability vs. creating art for the sake of creating something beautiful, or to convey a message in an entirely different way. It’s incredibly inspiring.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Portraits of George and Mike Kuchar

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Ryan Martin with underground film actress (and all around amazing lady) Linda Martinez and her portrait, and my lovely Aunt Val (Ryan’s mother)

Being someone who spends the majority of her time behind a computer, or at a desk, it’s refreshing to get out of my office or apartment to take in some new visual inspiration, and Ryan’s work is always that for me. His use of color is bold and fearless. The subjects and themes of his pieces can be fun at first glance, but draw you in and the longer you stare at them, the more thought provoking they become. He is truly an expert at his craft, but it’s wonderful to see him grow and evolve as an artist. This show was a great example of that. One major focus was the 37 Portraits of Julian Larach. Just as the title explains, he painted 37 portraits with varying scenes and themes with one model. And luckily for the opening night attendees, Julian was there!

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

I encourage everyone to check out Ryan’s show if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area. And if you’re unable to check out his show, check out your local art galleries! Seeing art in person is such a rich experience, and guess what friends, it’s free. Learn about the artists in your area, figure out what you’re drawn to, and follow those artists on Facebook and Instagram, send them messages of encouragement. If you’re lucky and discover an artist earlier in their career, you might be able to purchase one of their pieces. The world can be a scary place a lot of the time, and it’s truly a gift that there are so many people who are selfless enough to share their talents with all of us. That definitely should be celebrated.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |

Photo credit: All photos taken by Ali

To view more of Ryan’s work, visit, or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Gallery Hoppin: Ryan Martin at Mark Wolfe Contemporary |


Howl by Ryan Martin (Oil on canvas)

Happening now through November 27, 2010, you too can check out Ryan Martin’s new work at Mark Wolfe Contemporary (1 Sutter St, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94104)… and please do. You will thank me later, or Ryan, rather. [click to continue…]


Tuesday Inspiration: Portrait of an Artist

by tatiana on December 3, 2013

Portrait of an Artist: Ryan Martin Directed by Nicholas Domaguing

I’ve written about my cousin Ryan Martin before (read about some of our shenanigans here), but regardless of our shared bloodlines, he’s ridiculously talented and this short film is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I haven’t painted in years and this video makes me want to get my hands (or a brush) into some pretty oil paints.

To learn more about his work, visit, or Like him on Facebook.


… ok, maybe not EVER, but it was pretty sweet. Why? Well, let me tell you.

1.) I bought my plane ticket to London today! (THE CROWD GOES WILD)

2.) My awesome cousin Ryan Martin had his solo exhibit opening this evening and it was even MORE amazing than I was expecting. So fun to see the neat space at Mark Wolfe Contemporary and see family. I’ll write much more about the show soon, but for now you can click here for more info.

3.) Lastly, I just became a pro bono consultant for the Taproot Foundation. They do amazing things for amazing organizations and I’m really excited to be a consultant and do my part! It’s been a while since I’ve done any volunteer work, so it’s about time I did something about it. Yay!

Video from Taproot Founder Aaron Hurst from Aaron Hurst on Vimeo.

I hope you all had a dandy Thursday, and caught the live 30 Rock episode! Whaddup, Pacific Time!


Check it out…

by tatiana on August 14, 2007

Life Between Painting
Life Between Painting

6767 Bright Ave.
Whittier, CA 90601
August 11 – September 1, 2007
Gallery Hours: Tues.-Sat. 11:30am-9pm
How much?
I STILL don’t get it.
This show focuses on the pieces of four artists from the California College of Arts and Crafts: Ryan Martin, Nohemi Espinoza, Ramiro Hernandez, and Mick Farrell. Each with his/her unique perspective and concentration, this show exhibits merely a peak at the inner psyches of these distinct talents. From the abstract layered compositions Hernandez presents and explains to be reminiscent of his childhood to the almost surreal perfection of Martin’s portraits which exude a type of nostalgia for the beauty of innocence. Espinoza’s mixed media works express the juxtaposition of naivete and perversion while Farrell’s ink renderings add a dark humor which he explains are influenced by a mixture of found objects such as “a yearbook from the 1970s.”

Overall this was a really fun show to see. The Bluebird Art House is quaint and intimate, which makes for a great experience. The artists were all great to talk to, and my Aunt and I had fun arguing whether the abstract shape in one of Espinoza’s pieces was a pelvis or intestines. Even though the space was so small, I ended up sticking around for a couple of hours (4 total). The people were great, the art was great, and the DJ was great.

So, my camera ran out of battery basically right when I got there so I was only able to take one picture:
Hey DJ keep playin that song…

Yup. That’s the DJ. :oP Looks like you’ll have to go to The Bluebird Art House yourself if you want to see any art. But I must say, the DJ was pretty amazing. Never have I heard a DJ go from playing the Fugees to retro Indian music to Salsa. Talk about a treat for the ears. All in all the evening proved to be an amazing one and absolutely inspirational to the fans of art (–> Me.)


Gallery Hoppin: Art Silicon Valley

by tatiana on June 13, 2015

Art Silicon Valley 2014 |

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been MIA for a while, and I have so much to catch you up on!


Late last year my cousin Ryan asked me if I wanted to join him to check out a new art show in the Bay Area called Art Silicon Valley. My response was something to the effect of “Does Silicon Valley even care about art?” to which my cousin replied “Good question, let’s go find out.”


art_silicon_valley_01 art_silicon_valley_05


Art Silicon Valley 2014 |

I’m still not sure if Silicon Valley cares about art, but the pieces at Art Silicon Valley were terrific and definitely worth driving to San Mateo for, and the fair was full of attendees. I naturally gravitate towards pop art, which there was an ample amount of, but there was generally a wide variety of art represented – from sculpture and photography to interactive installations .


Not to mention, art collectors wear the best outfits, as exhibited above. I was mostly trying to get a shot of this woman’s shoes.


art_silicon_valley_04  art_silicon_valley_08 art_silicon_valley_07

The last piece we saw was an interactive installation called “En-Lightening” by Ryan’s friend Nick Dong. This was also the piece that was featured on all of the ads for the show.

Art Silicon Valley 2014 Ad

We waited in line for about 15 minutes for our turn to go inside the room and experience the piece and chatted with Nick while we waited (he is so nice!). I don’t want to give anything away because each person experiences something different inside, but it is indeed very “enlightening.” The piece also made me want to crawl into a ball and nap. (Nick told us that one person went inside and started taking their clothes off. Isn’t art fun?)


The day ended with burgers at Five Guys nearby, which I had never tried before. It was ok! I liked the fries. But overall, I always enjoy hanging out with my cousin and catching up. It’s also relaxing to go from a somewhat stuffy environment to a place with greasy food and a floor covered in peanut shells.

Bummed you missed the first Art Silicon Valley? Fear not, kittens, as their next show will be happening later this year October 8-11. I unfortunately will be in Europe (I know, how sad for me, right?) but I encourage you to check it out! You can learn more by visiting their website (which is really well-designed by the way):


Gallery Hoppin': Downtown SF/Geary St.

by tatiana on January 21, 2011

Has it been a week since I embarked on this gallery hoppin’ journey? Yes. Yes it has. Sheesh. Sorry I’m not the fastest blogger. This entry is about my adventures hoppin’ through the galleries in downtown SF along Geary St. with none other than my fab cousin Ryan (who is also a fine artist!). It was neat having him around to point out artwork made by his friends or professors in these beautiful galleries (with marble elevators… “The epitome of fance.” as Siddiq might describe them). [click to continue…]


3-Day Weekends

by tatiana on January 18, 2011

3-day weekends are the best But you never know when you may run into mild tragedies, which I did, but I’m fine, and life goes on. The good things that happened this weekend include but are not limited to:

  • going to my first meeting with my Taproot project team
  • watching Tales of the City with my roomie and totally being blown away by the crazy, twisty plot
  • hanging out with my cousin Ryan, watching Black Swan and checking out the galleries downtown
  • sleeping in until noon… even though doing so gave me a MAJOR headache
  • going to the Alemany Flea Market with Jane and finding some amazing things
  • hanging out at Kan Zaman with the mister and his roomie, and then finally watching The Wrestler
  • crocheting some super cute new slippers for Valentine’s Day and the craft/art show!
  • celebrating my roomie’s NEW JOB at an awesome media non-profit. Super excited for her.

Lastly, and unfortunately (maybe) for my wallet… I discovered that you can shop Forever 21 ONLINE. Hence my new shoes (seen above). My goal was to buy some warm things for my upcoming London trip (t-minus 14 days!), but I couldn’t NOT get these shoes. I loves them.